Clutter Busting

The strangest thing happened today-I got the "I need to," itch. Does that ever happen to anyone else? I'm not the queen of clutter busting unless I get "the urge" and today- for whatever reason- I.had.the.urge. I totally blame it on my expensive , spontaneous journey into the almighty IKEA yesterday. I walked through the mecca of organizing and FELL.IN.LOVE with these fab lil guys...
They come in loads of different sizes, colors and patterns. And talk about easy assembly! I had 6 boxes built in less than 6 minutes. is throwing a linky party and I've jumped on the bandwagon! Check out the blog- it's FILLED with some of the absolute greatest organization tips ever! LOVE!

So, here's the before pictures from my head first dive into "project: organize now"... I must warn you, if you're weak at heart, you may want to turn away- this is about to get ugly.
...just one side of my closet. Trust me, you didn't want to see both sides... 2/3 crafts, 1/3 school supplies cabinet...

...scary, I know...

But, here's the results of my hard work:

       (both sides)

 ...the 2/3 craft, 1/3 supply cabinet...

There's something about being organized and purging those pesky dust collectors that just makes a girl sleep peacefully at night.

Happy Tuesday ya'll!
Spring Break: 8 days and counting!!

**If you purchased my "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover" unit, my kiddos found a typo during"rehearsal" of the reader's theatre today. Head over to my TpT store to re download your copy!

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