That's just my luck.

I'm currently in the proccess of getting my reading endorsement, which is a series of 5 college style classes {but they are offered free through our district}. And like most long term professional developmnt courses, there's weekly homework. Unfortunately, reading articles before class this week was not on the top list of priorities... so, admittedly, I've been one of those know who I'm talking about. The wait 'til the absolute last minute, do just enough to get by, and pray to all that is holy for a decent score. Yep, that's me.

So in a furry of effort to not embarass myself, as I was walking into the building for class last night, I scrambled to skim the assigned research articles, hoping desperatly that my brain would soak up at least one or two key talking points.

I was reading the key points aloud to my good friend Jessica {she's one of those students too} as we both got on the elevator headed to the 8th floor. About halfway up, the elevator stopped, someone got on and we began moving again.

I continued to read aloud.

I wasn't going to let the other person on the elevator stop me from my frantic attempt to prepare.

I never skipped a beat.
I never looked up.
I just kept reading.

When we got off the elevator Jessica turned and asked, "Did you see who we were just in the elevator with?". 

"No. Who?"

...Ronald Blocker...
Yep. That's right. Our school board superintendent people...and I never even acknowledged the man.

That's just my luck.

So, in the spirit of being so "lucky" yesterday, I have created another freebie for you!! Click HERE to grab your copy! Please remember to leave a comment if you grab it!

My plan is to cut these little guys out and display them in an adorable bulletin board fashion
{with a rainbow and a pot, of course!}
I made them as black and white file also in case you'd prefer to have your students color them or just run them through the copier onto yellow paper.

Enjoy! :)

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