News Flash- Earth Day was last week, right?!? I know, I know. But my sweeties didn't get that memo ;) As far as they were concerned Earth Day was definitely today- no doubt in their minds. Since our school was super busy with the beloved FCAT {state testing} last week, Earth Day had no other place to go but the back seat. So today was the big day for our little school. There's something about digging in the dirt and "roughing" up roots that puts my kiddos over the edge.  The excitement was unbearable! Once they saw the trays of colorful flowers {which were hard to hide BTW} I knew I couldn't put them off for long. Bless their tiny little hearts, being patient is just

Mission? Garden Makeover 101.
They planted their little hearts out! I had one firstie reminding everyone to
"keep good space because the roots need room to stretch"
Here's what blossomed from their efforts {pun completely intended}
Once all 17 little people took baths in my sink...and 2 bottles of soap later,
we did these little graphic organizers to follow up our dirt lovin' adventure.
Click on them to download your freebie copies! :)

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The end of the year can't come fast enough. Can I get an AMEN?!?
I'm linkin' up with Clutter-Free Classroom this week! Check it out! Seriously great tips written all over every page.

And I need tips all the tips I can get.
'Cause let's be honest ladies {and gentlemen??}...
My mind is here.
 But my reality is here...
and that has inspired these 2 craftivites:

 First Grade Was A BLAST!
First Grade ROCKED!

Maybe these two craftivites will speed up the countdown? Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

Grab both patterns at my TPT store {includes titles for K-5th}

I hear summer calling my name!

Hey guys! Sorry I've been MIA is week... busy doesn't begin to describe! Good news is, I'm officially done with my Reading Endorsement and Coaching/Mentoring courses {and a choir of angels bust out in song}. Next time I decide to enroll in not one, but TWO, 3 month long courses- someone please kick me. I don't know how teachers with kids of their own manage all that. Mr. Hubby was a trooper, but I know he was neglected, bless his heart. If I had any more mouths to feed, I'd be in serious trouble.

So now that all that's over, I'm focused on pulling off our school wide Spring Carnival. It's our most profitable fundraiser of the year and the planning process is fully underway. T- 1 month. Wish me luck... on second thought, wish Mr. Hubby luck. ;)

In the midst of all the craziness, I've managed to whip up a couple packets to share with you. Our sweet Pre-K teacher is hosting a book study for area teachers today. The focus is letter knowledge and student names. She originally requested to do a giveaway with one of my packets... only problem there? None of my packets are exclusively Pre-K friendly. So in effort to help a sister out, I whipped this up...

This booklet incorporates an artistic approach to learning your alphabet in a kinesthetic way. It was created to be made into a book, but you could use the pages separately if you'd rather. It's up for grabs in my TpT shop if you have little ones that need fine motor practice and alphabet support. It would also work well in Kinder rooms too...beginning of the year for 1st grade may be a stretch but it would work if you have ESOL students or special needs kiddos that need the hands-on learning!

The second packet has been waiting patiently to be finished for a little while now. I haven't been able to focus on it like I usually do with my other packets. Nonetheless, it's finally done and ready for print! Check it out in my TpT store! It's over 40 pages of fun suffix support for grades 1st-3rd!

First 2 people to comment will receive one of these packets for free- your choice! :)
Happy, Happy Wednesday!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I'm so excited to have reached over 100 followers during  this giveaway! Never expected that! I heart giveaways, but I heart my followers more!

Here's the winner from my page...

Congratulations Melissa! Thanks for following! I'll email you your prize packs later today! :)

If you didn't win my drawing, don't forget to check out Teri's announcement later today over at A Cupcake For The Teacher!

Have a fab Wednesday ya'll!

HOLY.GIVEAWAY.BATMAN!! My followers have doubled overnight- not even kidding! You guys R.O.C.K in the USA {in my best John Mellencamp voice- air guitar and all}...okay, so that may or may not have been too much. I just can't help myself. I have loads to be excited about!

{WARNING: this is a long post- it's serious loyalty if you make it to the end}

 Today was the last day of Saturday school and this teacher right here is trilled to get my Saturday mornings back! I have very important things to do on Saturday sleep. ;)

It's been a busy week!

This week our phonics focus was long o spelled -oa and o_e. We kicked off the week by reading a couple stories from a classroom fav...

As a review, the kiddos created Long O Toad books and Short O Frog books from a pattern I made. They absolutely loved this little craftivity! They turned out so cute...

We hit the ground running with Earth Day activities. We finished up our 'Give a HOOT' owls and they look super cute hanging in the hallway!
 I love how different they all turned out!

We're knee deep in my Earth Day Literacy pack.
{Which you can win by entering the giveaway- click here- for details}

After reading one of my all time favorites:
my students completed their first R.A.F.T. and knocked it out of the park!
Their Role was from the perspective of a Truffula Tree.
The Audience was the Onceler.
The Format was a letter.
And their Topic was, "Persuade the Onceler to stop cutting you down. Tell him how it makes you feel and why you are important."

You can get your free copy by clicking on the picture below! :)

Here's a sneak peek at next week's craftivity. We started it but we simply didn't have enough time to finish it. I can't wait to see how they turn out!
It's going to be a hybrid version of Cara and Teri's adorable craftivities.  Here's the inspiration if you can envision the final product...

Earth Day has lined up perfectly with our reading unit this month. Our comprehension story was Growing Green, a story packed full of everything you want to know about plants. Great non-fiction piece! As a follow up, the kiddos worked on sequencing a plant's growth process. I really heart foldables and so do my firsties!

Our math topic this week was a big scary beast called double digit subtraction. Ever heard of it? Every year I use the whole, "borrow from your neighbor" line... this year, I decided to take it a step further. I made the neighbor really look like a neighbor- and it was like *magic*...they got it! PTL! Who knew 6 little lines could make that big scary beast run and hide? Why didn't I think of this sooner?! I'll be doing this every year. Would it help your little people too? I plan to make practice sheets for my class to include a little neighbor- would you use them if I posted it?

Well, I think that's about it peeps. I'm hoping to have a brand new, sweet, tiny niece on Monday so I'll be back to brag about how cute I know she's going to be!! ;) I can't wait to meet her!

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to enter our giveaway- your little people will thank you!

I'm pretty stinkin' excited to be teaming up with Teri from A Cupcake For The Teacher for a green giveaway!! You have to check her out...she's been so helpful with my 1,000 questions getting my lil blog up and running and don't even get me started on her craftivities! ohmyword. precious.

okay, okay...I'll get straight to the point- Here's the goodies:

You could win A Cupcake for The Teacher's I{heart} the Earth Craftivity Packet {LOVE!!}


{which was updated to include my Give a HOOT owl template! Yay!}

Isn't that exciting ya'll??  :)
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