So, I didn't join the Memorial Day TpT Sale. Boo.
But, I was holding out for something way better...are you ready?!?

My Academic Awards

End of the Year Gift Tags {K-6}


End of the Year Writing Craftivities

are all on sale for ONLY $1.00 each through Friday!

I love the end of the year.
Everyone is just so patient with each other.
All my little people are the best rule followers.
I never have to repeat myself.
I have so much energy at the end of the day that I have been able to keep my house spotless and my laundry baskets bone dry.
I am superwoman, hear me roar!
I'm not stressed at all and my to-do list doesn't get a lick of action.


As a matter of fact my kiddos love each other SO much that they can't fathom the thought of going through a whole entire 20 minute math lesson without arguing being sweet and kind lil pum'kins to each other...while passing notes no less.
*Ok hmmm
*Ok hmmm
*Stop It
*You stop it

I stopped it.
Such a harmonious time of year...
Can't you tell?!?


So, if you haven't guessed already... here's the answer to yesterday's clue:
I have one sweetie that can't eat gummies so the non-candy alternative is goldfish crackers. You can grab the snack sized bags or put some into a baggie if your school doesn't require you to only distribute factory sealed food items.
Just cut out these tags, fold over the top edge and staple like so:
EASY-PEASY as my students would say. :)
Grab your free tags by clicking on the picture above!
{created for PreK-5th grade teachers...tags say Kinder through 6th}
*The google docs preview shows the tags with a grey tint- once you download and save, the color will appear normal as above.

What are you giving your kiddos? Link up!

You'll have to forgive me. I had all intentions of posting this yesterday, but the word crazy doesn't begin to describe yesterday. I'll give you a little recap.

Started the day with an hour long meeting about a firstie's recommended retention. Not easy. I'm sure you can imagine the tension at the table. I don't like these kinds of meetings. 

Fast forward an hour to a bully prevention puppet show for our grade level which cheered me up, followed immediately by lunch {which of course I worked straight through cause I had to gather extra data copies from the above said meeting to send home}.

My kiddos were CR.A.ZY in the lunch room so we had to have a lil class meeting followed by a spelling test and our reading assessment {since the puppet show was during our reading block}.

We raced to PE so my team and I could organize placement cards for next year's classes. Thank goodness that only took 30 minutes {we pre-tagged our kiddos with colored post it notes for: ESE, ESOL, Behavior, and Possible Retention}
We quickly sorted high, average, below and girl/boy ratios and moved right along.

After special areas we had a math assessment followed by a science lesson {PTL it wasn't another assessment, or there may have been a riot in my room} and I was glad to actually teach something for the day. Most Friday's aren't like this, it just happened to line up that way.

I had a meeting after school about our upcoming annual carnival and then raced out the door to an appointment. 

A serious man hunt began for the perfect dress because our end of the year banquet is semi formal/formal {kill me now}. The banquet is tonight and I came home empty handed yesterday. You know what I'll be doing today.

So, looong story short. I wanted to do a little freebie Friday fun yesterday but it just wasn't in the cards as you can see. So let's ignore the play on words and have fun anyway!!

The past few weeks our reading unit has been focused on homes. How homes are made, different home styles, animal homes, people homes, homes around the world, materials homes can be made out of get the picture.
My little people LOVE the non-fiction text! Kudos to Imagine It for that!

We started the unit by creating homes...I was brave enough to let them do it WITHOUT a pattern.
My poor classroom floor. *shudder*
 Our custodians probablly cursed us, but they turned out really great! Each one was so different!
Once the kiddos were finished I had them compare their family's home to the home they created.

This week we focused on the White House. We started with a little anchor chart of schema. The blue information is what they knew before we read the story. The red information is what learned as we read.
Then I offered bonus points for independent additional/research information. I want my students to get a better understanding of the vast knowledge that's at their fingertips...beyond our reading series. As students came to me with more information they had gathered we added it to the chart in yellow. All week long they were itching to go to the library or get online and "google it".
It was exactly what I'd hoped for!
We used the anchor chart to help us sort facts and opinions.
They worked in groups to record their answers on this sheet.
Click the picture to grab your free copy!
We also did a little comparing and you can have that free download too!
Just click on the picture.

Have a great weekend! I'm off to hit the stores...this girl is on a mission! Come back tomorrow for my super cute end of the year gift {freebie}... I'll give you a little clue...
it goes with my FAVORITE candy!
{there's a non-candy alternative too!!} Don't miss it!
Miss Nelson over at Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera is having a great linky party!

Favorite read alouds... now that's a linky after my own heart.

Confession: My hubby was certain I would wipe out our savings on children's books when I first started teaching... and I can't blame him. I had  have an obsession for children's literature.

Does anyone else love the smell of a freshly opened book?? Like, straight from the factory fresh. For as long as I can remember, my nose goes straight into the middle of a book when I pick it up off a shelf. It's strange, I'll admit... but you should try it sometime. It's the best smell ever!! I swear those publishing companies create this amazing smell so I buy more books. It's like teacher crack.

Okay, so enough with my strange quirks... let's get the party started shall we?!

Here's my classroom no particular order {PTL, cause I could never choose}
The Giving Tree
Martina the Beautiful Cockroach
The Lorax (Classic Seuss)
Our Tree Named SteveWhoever You Are (Reading Rainbow Book)

and OF COURSE I have to include ANY book with this little friend:
Pete the Cat
My students would be so disappointed in my list if I left him out!

So what's on your list? Link up and share!!

So I was in a generous mood. I couldn't get over the GREAT feedback I've gotten from my polka dot owl theme packets and the amount of giveaway entries blew me away. This was my biggest giveaway yet! Thank you to everyone for playing along and a huge welcome to all my newbie followers!

Now for the winners...
Like I said, I was in a generous mood. Congratulations to you both! I'll send over your prizes later today!

If you didn't win, don't worry- both owl packs will be on sale through Tuesday evening just for you! Click HERE

Have a happy Monday!

Thanks to the fabulous ladies Miss Kindergarten, A Cupcake For The Teaher, and A Modern Teacher for throwing a Summer Bucket List Linky!! So much fun!
Here's my list:
1} Find a FAB vacay locale for our 1 year wedding anniversary!
2} Get a {real} tan... my favorite lotion doesn't qualify during June & July.
3} Some serious CommonCore planning {aren't we all??}
4} These wonderful pinterest finds are a must...
...birthday readiness 101...

Pinned ImagePinned Image
Erica makes her certificates and stickers and slips them into her monthly binder before the year starts. And Wendy has birthday balloons on a dime prepped and ready to go.
{I've seen this with pixie sticks and pencils!} 
Pure GENIUS ladies!
Confession: I currently scramble around gathering items and writing the certificates when the big announcement comes walking through the door in the morning. I must do better.

...classroom library makeover...
Pinned ImagePinned Image
This is a MUST... every year I change how I organize my books and every year I decide I don't like it. This summer I am DETERMINED to make it look as great as these pinterest inspirations and never have to change it again. {fingers crossed} Click on the pictures for more fab organization tips/ideas from these great teachers!

...and last but not least...

MOVE to and redecorate my new {much smaller} classroom!
That will be a chore for sure.

Thanks ladies for the fun party! What's on your summer bucket list? Link up!!

My little sister is headed to our lil home for the weekend, so I'm off to the grocery store...
{college students can really eat!!} HA! 

Happy Weekend ya'll!!

Nothing really exciting going on over here folks. We're hitting our end of the year push in reading and math and my days seemed to be filled with assessments, data meetings, report cards, and- oh wait...yeah...more assessments. I don't know about ya'll but that's not my kind of fun.

We did finish the sweetest mother's day owl craftivity EVER! "Owl Love You Forever" from Mrs. M over at ColorMeKinder is A.DOR.ABLE! I snagged it up during the big sale and my sweeties got such a kick out of the play on words. The owls turned out really stinkin' cute ya'll...and it was exciting, so I guess I lied...we've managed to squeeze in a little excitement this week.

Since the next couple of weeks are pretty straight forward in our lil classroom, I've moved my sights to my summer to-do list. There's a pretty good chance I'll be looping with my little guys next year!! I'm excited for a change and a fresh start. There's nothing more inspiring than a blank canvas. I am already planning my classroom layout and creating personalized decor. I can't imagine that I'm the only person out there already planning for next year.
Teachers are planners by nature. It's what we do.

I wanted to share with you my latest creation... it's still a work in progress. I'll be adding more to it over the coming weeks.

I want to give my loyal followers a chance to win these goodies first!
Click on the pictures for more details of what's included.
Hope you love these two packets as much as I do! I can't wait to start decorating!

Best of luck blogger friends!
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Here's a few of my best selling packets that you may want to grab for next year:

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Happy Shopping ya'll!

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