Up's and Down's

It's been a tough week peeps.
Don't get me wrong, I {heart} summer but it didn't get started the way I had dreamt in my head.

This blog is my outlet, so if you're reading in hopes of straight happy teacher talk- well, today's post isn't quite up your alley...sorry to disappoint.

It all started with the big move {at school}. I'm super pumped about looping up with my munchkins, but not super pumped about the new room. It's practically on the other side of the earth...okay, so maybe that's a little exaggerated. It's far. Really far. I hardly get cell reception.

I kid.

A little.

I knew I'd have to put my tennies on to tackle this move- which was totally fine- I was up for the workout...until...I walked into the new room.

No A/C.

In Florida.

90 degrees + humidity.


Oh, but wait...it gets better. The teacher's room I'm moving into has had a substitute for the past couple months because the teacher was out on maternity leave. Subs don't get paid for post planning...so you could only imagine what I walked into.
I'll spare you all the dirty details.
Let's just say it was bad.

bags of chips in the filing cabinet
food on the floor
papers still inside desks


8 trash bags and 1.5 days later I finally got the room to a point where the custodial staff could come in and clean the floors. Don't even get me started on the amount of organizing I still need to do.

All the math manipulatives are in one giant tub...mixed.

not fun.

I will be one busy teacher come pre-planning that's for sure!

Moving on...

Summer school started this week.
I thought I was teaching reading to 18 sweet little kindergartners.

Let's just say that I'm officially declaring to NEVER teach Kinder.

Who knew getting through 3 full workshop rotations could be so difficult. And, seriously...why can't these little humans enjoy a listening center without screaming at each other?? Don't even get me started on the computer stations. Who's brilliant idea was it to have 5 year olds type in a 10 digit ID and password just to log on?!?

Did I mention that I'm excited to be looping to 2nd?!? LOL

Meanwhile, back on the home front...

Our 1 year wedding anniversary is in 4 days. The weather here in sunny Florida hasn't been all that sunny lately so our my dream vacay to Sanibel Island this weekend has been cancelled. Mr. Hubs is perfectly fine with that...he's not a fan of the beach {gasp} He could do without the sand, the sun, the salt. I, on the other hand, am sad... I need a day at the beach something awful ya'll. My poor legs need sun and my brain needs a break. We've decided to do a day trip sometime after the move.

Yes, the move.

I said it.

We're moving homes too.

In 14 days.

Lord, give me strength.

As of yesterday, we hadn't found a place. Talk about stress for this control freak organization addict. We thought we had a townhouse secured earlier this week, but then found out that Mr. Hubs had serious mistakes on his credit report. Someone out there is not very nice and used his SSN...to buy multiple houses..and then not pay the mortgage...on any of them. You could imagine what that looks like on paper. YIKES!

Today's Public Service Announcement:


So, after much disappointment, a few restless nights and lots of conversations with God, everything came full circle today.

Mr. Hubs got everything cleared up. The credit bureaus were very helpful. They put a rush on everything once he explained the situation. Mr. Hubs was a trooper. Spending hours on the phone is so not his thing! I'm just happy it's all good in the hood.

We got back in contact with the realtor for the townhouse, who told us they already had a new applicant.

Total bummer.

I was pretty smitten with that home.

As far as I was concerned, it was ours. Just paperwork and the keys.

Not that simple, I suppose.


I set up a few other rebound viewings for today, trying to push past the break up.

I had it bad ya'll. Like... already decorating the living room in my mind, bad.

What's a brokenhearted girl supposed to do...well, shop of course?!? I spent hours in Joann's and Dollar Tree {where else} trying to give a lil therapy to my stressed soul.

It helped.

Then, I got the news that the other applicant for our townhouse fell through and the realtor had done some research on our credit problem, knew it was a mistake, and was willing to move forward with us!! My heart skipped a beat...or two!

{not, PTL...this calls for a full spellng ya'll}

We can rest easy tonight knowing we have a place to put all these boxes that I've packed brought home...not to mention the goodies I bought today on my bulletin board and library makeover retail therapy trip. {That's a post for another day!}

Guess I have some packing to do and I couldn't be more excited!

p.s. go check your credit report! seriously.


  1. Wow! That is horrible! I don't blame you for venting. It sounds like everything is going to work out for the best after all though! Hang in there! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Sending good thoughts your way and sending you a virtual hug for all your stress! ((((Hugs)))

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Endless Pinabilities

  3. Oh my goodness. You definitely sound like you need a beach day. I am soooo glad that everything is finally working out for you. That is just awful what you have been through. Things all work out in God's timing that is for sure, not our own. I pray that your move goes smoothly and nothing else will stand in your way. :)

    Have a great night!!!
    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  4. Oh, you HAVE had a week! I can empathize with you on the summer school for rising Kindergarten. (Doing it also!) Today was a killer for me and I only had 13.

    But I am happy for you that you will now have your townhouse to move to! BTW, Sanibel is beautiful! We always go to FTM Beach as we have family there!

  5. You have had a bad week! I hope everything turns around soon. You will love second grade! I am moving to the other ends of the earth too. Can't wait to get that over with! Good luck with your move!

    Swimming into Second

  6. I hope your next week goes a lot smoother. So are you teaching 2nd next year? I will be looping with my class and I teach in FL too! I sure hope you'll be teaching 2nd so we can share ideas.

    Miss Nelson's blog

  7. I am so glad that there is someone out there like me! I posted a similar post on my blog, you can read it if you like and know you are not alone! I also teach in Florida (Homestead, to be exact, with a wetlands on our property) so I feel your pain.

    Keep smiling, you will be relaxing soon and it will all be worth it.


  8. Oh my goodness! When it rains, it pours.

    Last summer, I was moving out of my classroom, job-searching, moving apartments, wedding planning, honeymoon planning, moving into a new classroom in a new school [in the very back corner of the building], and just plain going CRAZY. But- it all worked out in an incredible way, and I know the same will happen for you, too!

    I'm so glad that the townhouse is probably working out! Would love to see pictures :)

    Thinking of you and hoping everything goes smoother from here on out!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  9. I totally understand yours woes on this summer vacation! Mine has not started out so great either. With two kids with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, I am glad I did not waste my money on joining a pool. Hope your summer gets better! If mine doesn't, I am going to go find a part time job to get away! :)
    Reading Toward the Stars

  10. Oh moving. That is one thing I am so thankful for this summer- owning a house and actually not having to move for during the summer. First time this has ever happened. So glad to hear your townhouse fell through. It's heart breaking when you found a place you love, and well, you don't get it! Happy things worked out for you! Hopefully this is just the beginning for all the ups coming your way!

    Ms. Wilkie's Second Grade Class

  11. So glad it worked out for you!! I hate the room was a disaster!

  12. Oh you poor thing! Kuddos for not having a total melt down. But I'm so happy that in the end you get to move into the house you fell in love with! Hopefully summer is smooth sailing from here!!

    ❤- Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  13. So wonderful how that worked out for you! You have a lot on your plate right now though! Hope you get some time to just relax this summer at some point.
    Conversations in Literacy

  14. OH. MY. GOODNESS. You have been through a lot! Glad to hear your townhouse is the happy ending to your story.

    So glad you stopped by my blog. I'm your newest follower!
    Kinder-Craze on Facebook

  15. Wow. What trials and tribulations... I'm glad things worked out for you! I have to say that I was just in that boat earlier this year. Except that we had a baby about to pop out and no place to put him! We ended up settling due to time constraints, but I'm glad you got the house you had your heart set on! The Lord works in mysterious ways!

    P.S. I'm a new follower :)


  16. You have had it rough! I hope life settles down a bit so you can enjoy your summer. Buying a house is stressful enough without the credit fiasco. Someone stole my mom's identity and bought cars and all kinds of things. She didn't find out until they were building
    their house either. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm so glad I found your blog.

  17. What a roller coaster!! So glad it worked out, it was meant to be! I'm so glad I found your blog through the Summer Shopping Linky Party.

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?


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