Have you ever been here??? O.M.G!
There's no words.
Well, maybe one: AMAZING!

Once I picked my chin up off the floor I walked in near slow motion through every inch of this store- just savoring every last thrifty idea.

Here's one of my purchases:
I think you may know where I'm going with this...

Pinned Image
I'm sure you've seen one or two or a hundred of these around blogland this summer.
Obviously this has Made It Monday written all over it!
I picked up the wrapping paper from the dollar tree.
It's actual paper...like a paper bag. Not like wrapping paper at all.

Here's why I love this container...

#1. I don't need that many drawers.

#2. It's cheaper than the other containers I've seen.
(ya'll know I love me a frugal find!)

#3 The container can be hung on the wall!
#4 I can add to if needed...see those rib/lip like things on the side and top? You can buy a second container and slide them together- genius!!

I'm in.love.

What have you bought this summer?
So, I can't sleep due to excitement coursing through me right now. I've been working all month on a 2nd grade CCSS math assessment packet...and tonight I FINISHED IT!!! I'm so happy I could scream. Needless to say- I have to share it with you!!
It includes:
50 assessments- one for each standard & sub standard
Answer keys for each page
My CCSS Flexible Checklists to help you track student and/or class data and mastery.
Put it all together and you've got yourself a KICK BUTT math assessment notebook!

So that's all for tonight folks- just a guiltless plug for my latest project.
Tomorrow starts a summer work team at school...I guess that means I have to dust off my alarm clock. Sad.

I had the sweetest follower make a request for a quote that was
special to her and I do aim to please! I thought I would share this little freebie in case you're in need of something cute for your classroom too! :)
Hope someone else out in blog world can use it!
Feel free to pin!

Click any version to download all 5- just print the one that suits your fancy!
{and follow my TpT store while you're there!}

I'll be savoring every last minute of the next few days!
Monday starts a summer planning work week for a few of us at school. Luckily it's only a few days and then my summer can commence again!

My maid of honor is running in the London Olympics which makes me more excited than usual to watch the games this year! Usually I watch the gymnasts and call it a day but I'll be tuning into the women's track events this year too. It all starts tomorrow and I'm excited! Will you be watching??

Don't miss the shopping fun! TpT will be offline on Wednesday until 8am so head over now, beat the rush and fill your shopping cart! Don't forget to leave feedback for your purchases...the more feedback you leave the more credits you get! The more credits you get the more FREE items you can buy!

Now for some linky fun...

I'm back from my weekend trip to Georgia.
What a beautiful state!
I wish I could just pick up the beaches here in Florida and move them to the rolling hills of GA.
I could live there and be happy for the rest of my days.
true story.
But, I'll share more about my adventures tomorrow.
TODAY I'm linking up with Amy!
1. I have had a HUGE crush on Jason Castro from American Idol. It is was bad ya'll. I saw him in concert once. I may or may not have screamed like a middle school girl seeing *NSYNC for the first time. It wasn't my proudest moment. I still have my autographed copy of his calendar. I just can't seem to part with it just yet.
...speaking of crushes...

2. Mr Hubs and I just celebrated our one year anniversary last month! We were married on the hottest day in the history of mankind...in the prettiest flower garden ever- so the heat didn't really matter...we all just melted a little ;)

3. I am the oldest of 4 children and officially the SHORTEST of all of us.
My youngest brother and I are 15 years apart! I was a sophomore in high school when he was born. He was also our "ring bodyguard" at our wedding...and making him wear pink was hard enough but them to call him a "ring bearer"...the horror! ;) Some kids are just too cool.

4. I have to eat salt and vinegar chips on any road trip or it just doesn't feel like a road trip.

5. I've had an obsession with critters since I was a young child.
Mr. Hubs likes to say, "If it moves, she'll find it." And it's true.
 He's such a good sport.
Last year I found this little opossum at school and brought him home.
He went to live at an outdoor youth camp run by the state.
The kids raised him and released him at the end of the summer.

6. My kitty is like my child.
He's very needy and can't stand to be alone.
He gets into a lot of trouble.
He doesn't realize that curiosity can kill him.
He adores Mr. Hubs but the feelings are not mutual.

7. I'm deathly afraid of living spiders. Dead ones are okay. 

8. I wore braces when I was in middle school and again in my mid-twenties. The second time around I went with the clear ones. For my wedding they took out the wires so you really couldn't tell.
9. I graduated from University of Central Florida with my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.
I minored in studio art, early childhood education and social science.
Translation: I'm crafty, I love teaching and I like to people watch.

10. I teach at an inner city school in the heart of Central Florida.
It's a tough area.
People often ask why I don't change schools or teach somewhere easier.

Here's the truth: 
Is it hard trying to keep up with growing state expectations for students that are disadvantaged? yes.
Are there times when you're more than just their teacher? absolutely.
Could I teach somewhere else? sure. 

I just feel like I'm making more of a difference where I'm at...and not just educationally.
There's times when my smile or high five may be the only positive thing that those little people get all day...and that's what keeps me going. They didn't choose to be born and it's my job to make sure those 7 hours a day help them develop tools to change the world around them.
So, there ya have it. My passions, my family and my obsessions :)

I'll be back tomorrow with my first time adventure into the CONTAINER STORE?!?


Hey guys! I'm enjoying a MUCH needed mini vacay/ girls weekend in Atlanta, GA. While I'm away, Jennifer from FGBS is blog sitting for me ;)
LOVE her!
She's got some great ideas about how an extra little effort can really promote independent learners!
Enjoy! :)


Hi everyone! I am Jennifer from First Grade Blue SKies!

I am so happy to be guest blogging today for Kimberly!
As most of you know, from my prior posts concerning labeling, I am a fan of a print rich classroom!   I think the more words children are exposed to, the better.  I love to enter an early childhood room and see things labeled, locations identified, and anchor charts of all sorts on the walls.  Do they work?  Yes.   The proof is easy to see when you watch my students begin to write something in their journals or a response.  Early on in the year, I point out to them that many words they write can be found all around our room.  As they write, they will get out of their seat and walk over to a poem chart or the calendar because they know the word they need to spell is there.  How empowering is that?  Over time, many of the kids don't need to go over to the printed word, they remember it!
Here are some examples of places you could have seen words in my classroom over the years:

 Sound chart with pictures created by students.  Pirate for ‘ar’, mouse for ‘eek’, garbage for ‘ew’....you get the idea!

Word of the Day posted in the hallway.  I ask about what it is during the day =)
Sometimes I have them whisper it in my ear or in their partner's ear.

Thank you so much, Kimberly, for letting me guest post here!

Please click over and follow my blog if you don't already!

Mrs. Nelson is have a fun linky that I couldn't pass up!
I'm a font addict...it's true...and this party is right up my alley!
She also has a great tool to view all your font choices at one time...so clever!

Hop over and check it out!

Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies will be visiting my lil blog later this week with a great post about a print rich classroom- don't miss it!

Thanks to everyone who has linked up on my 'Blog Links' page...you're helping me get organized on Blogger and I love it!! :) If you haven't posted your blog yet- just click the tab at the top of my blog and link up!

Hey friends!
I've been in full on "looping" mode lately. I'm going through my files and resources and deciding what to scrap and what I can tweak for 2nd grade.

A hot topic around blog land right now seems to be centered around procedures and classroom management. As I reflect on how my behavior tools worked last year, one thing that I found that worked well was my clip chart. It started out like your typical clip chart:
I'm sure you've seen or use one of these.

I like the theory- but I hit a few pit falls.
It didn't work.

1. I wasn't consistent.
2. It didn't always feel fair.
3. I wasn't consistent.

...are you noticing a pattern?...

I attended a great behavior management webinar last school year and I had a real "ahh-ha" moment while sitting there.
The instructor said, " How many of you hesitate to enforce your consequences on a consistent basis?"

...I sheepishly raised my hands...I couldn't lie...

He continued,"Well, that's probably not because you want to be voted most popular, but instead because your consequences are too harsh. The behaviors that bother you don't warrant the consequences you have lined up so you make excuses in order to save that child from your own behavior management system. You probably find yourself giving too many chances and then reaching a breaking point and over enforcing, am I right?"

{Was there a camera in my room?!?}

I had 5 colored behavior tiers and sometimes I would find myself having a student move their clip for something little or silly or just because I was lacking patience or because I couldn't for life of me remember how many warnings I had actually given them...but I just knew it had to be like 20 10 or something and they deserved to move a color!
Like I said, I wasn't consistent...as I'm sure you can tell by that last sentence.

I knew it wasn't fair.

I knew I had to come up with something different.

I was ready to toss out the clip chart
it hit me!

Why not make it "consistent proof"?

I knew I wanted to give 3 warnings before making them move down a color.
I knew I wanted to be consistent.
 And I knew, above all else, I wanted it to be fair...oh yeah, and it had to be easy for my to keep up with.
Is that too much to ask for???

 I came up with a clip chart that was similar to the original...just...stretched out.
I have 3 green levels, 3 yellows, 3 oranges, 3 red...you get the picture?
(without a picture...sorry)

Instead of me keeping track of how many times little Johnny shoots his pencil across the room during my math lesson, I simply made the students move a clip for every behavior that required redirection.
Now, before you pass judgement or call me crazy- keep in mind that my green section had 3 levels within itself. That's 3 warnings before changing colors.
...that's 3 behaviors that require redrection...
I think that's more then fair.

This little tweak fixed up my consistency problem.
...and the being fair problem...
and the 3 warnings problem!

It worked perfectly for me!
It took the work out of it...I didn't have to think anymore.

My students could see exactly how many warnings they had left before they found themselves sitting in a new color zone. I think that part was really critical because the students knew what was coming if they didn't make better choices. They were in control.
There were no more surprises.

The truth is, with my warning tracking skills, my kiddos never really knew when I was going to stop giving them warnings and actually enforce a consequence. Now it's black and white...well more like green, yellow, orange and red ;)

Needless to say- once I figured out how to fool proof my management system, my student's behavior improved. Guess that goes to show that my lack of consistency was the real problem.
I guess we all live and learn, right?!?

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