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Hey guys! I'm enjoying a MUCH needed mini vacay/ girls weekend in Atlanta, GA. While I'm away, Jennifer from FGBS is blog sitting for me ;)
LOVE her!
She's got some great ideas about how an extra little effort can really promote independent learners!
Enjoy! :)


Hi everyone! I am Jennifer from First Grade Blue SKies!

I am so happy to be guest blogging today for Kimberly!
As most of you know, from my prior posts concerning labeling, I am a fan of a print rich classroom!   I think the more words children are exposed to, the better.  I love to enter an early childhood room and see things labeled, locations identified, and anchor charts of all sorts on the walls.  Do they work?  Yes.   The proof is easy to see when you watch my students begin to write something in their journals or a response.  Early on in the year, I point out to them that many words they write can be found all around our room.  As they write, they will get out of their seat and walk over to a poem chart or the calendar because they know the word they need to spell is there.  How empowering is that?  Over time, many of the kids don't need to go over to the printed word, they remember it!
Here are some examples of places you could have seen words in my classroom over the years:

 Sound chart with pictures created by students.  Pirate for ‘ar’, mouse for ‘eek’, garbage for ‘ew’ get the idea!

Word of the Day posted in the hallway.  I ask about what it is during the day =)
Sometimes I have them whisper it in my ear or in their partner's ear.

Thank you so much, Kimberly, for letting me guest post here!

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  1. Thanks for letting me guest on your blog!
    First Grade Blue Skies

  2. Love all the print around the room...I enjoyed seeing how you had things hanging up too. My room is full of cabinets with sliding glass that I get in and out of. I have a hard time finding ways to hang things in the room. Thanks for sharing.

    First Grade and Fabulous

  3. I love all the print around the room. Using file folders for the parts of a story is a great idea with easy storage! I am going to use that one:)

    I would love you to stop by my blog and check out my birthday giveaway!

    The Resourceful Apple

  4. What a great post. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures.
    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  5. .thanks for posting

  6. Love your blog design. So cute! I've given you an award. Swing by my blog to pick it up. :)

    Tangled with Teaching


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