Hey there bloggy friends! 
I survived Tropical Storm Issac today...with 14 littles and 6 umbrellas.
You do the math.
It was fun interesting wet. 
Very, very wet.
And my portable leaks...so... yeah...
The kids had a blast splashing through indoor puddles.
Me, not so much.
The sound of squishy carpet kinda grosses me out.
I'm weird like that.

That was the worst part of the day...moving on to the best!

Cheers to getting home before Mr Hubs today! 
That was a first so far this month. 
Before I headed home, I snapped a few pictures of little here and there's that I've been marking off my "final touches" to-do list. Check 'em out!
I took one of these:
Gerber Graduates Strawberry & Apple Puffs, 1.48-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)
added ribbon and a few colorful pencils to make a birthday go-to!
 I got the cute birthday balloon toppers as a freebie- I just wish I could remember where I picked them up from! If they're yours, please let me know so I can give you credit for these cuties!

Last week you saw this picture in my classroom tour...now I get to show you the other side of this book shelf! I'm excited!!
Are you ready???


 This is what you see when you first walk into our room :) 
 We took these pictures on the 2nd day of school. I only had one little that was too shy to make a silly face. The others? They were beggin' for more than one shot! HA! Such hams. They make me laugh.

 I found this little guy on Pinterest- precious :)
Grabbed a frame from Dollar Tree and wa-lah!
 We've started Whole Brain Teaching last week.
I could kick myself for not implementing this last year! 
The kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and I'm a small fan as well ;)
It feels like all is right with the world.

Last week, if you recall, I couldn't show you my desk.
That's because I couldn't find it.
I decided since I have kiddos now, I should lead by example.
Here it is- shiny and clean...for a minute. 

Last week, my kiddos arrived to find this sweet treat on their desks!
 You can grab your printable here for just $1!
{tags for grades K-5th available}
You could use Goldfish crackers for those "no candy" schools.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you a video that a sweet TpT customer emailed me. She's a librarian who used my nautical classroom theme packet to help decorate her school's library! 
She's so creative ya'll! 
I think it turned out so A.DOR.ABLE!!

Have a great week ya'll!

Hey there FREEbie lovers :) Thanks for stoppin' by! I've shared this freebie before on my lil blog, but lately it's been gaining popularity {2,000+ pins}! Thanks for that, by the way. :)
I thought I would share it again to for all my new followers and visitors from BlogHoppin' :)
To get the freebie all you need to do is {first} follow my blog, {second} click on the picture, {third} download, {fourth} print and frame!
Here's a link to view how Ms. Runde used Vista Print to make a poster print for her classroom door!
Here's a link if you want to see the print on my pinspirational classroom quote wall! 
Happy Freebie Friday!!
I'm linking up for MUST HAVE MONDAY over at Blog Hoppin'. Today was the first day back to school with little people so this girl is B.E.A.T.

I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet ya'll :)

Here's my teacher must haves:


Day Runner 2013 Academic Bubbles Desk Calendar, 17" x 10", Design
See ya tomorrow!

I can't put in to words the craziness of this week. I know you'rew teachers, so you totally get what I'm sayin'. Words just don't cut it.
I've been on over.load for the past 2 weeks...10 hour days...
I finally feel like I can breathe a little easier.

 I knew we were having professional development 3 out of the 5 days during pre-planning last week so I had to get a head start! And boy am I glad I did! I wouldn't have been ready if I hadn't. I don't know who can put together a classroom in 2 days?!? 
Luckily, I have an AMAZING team of teachers friends to help keep me sane.
It's Saturday and I spent 4 hours this morning finishing up loose ends and I still have a to-do list!!! I felt a little better knowing I wasn't the only teacher there today...half my team was right there with me. I just had to feel caught up before the first day of school, hence the 4 hour Saturday sprint.
I've gotten quite a few requests for updated classroom pictures. I'll be honest, I'd like to say my room is finished...and to some, it may look finished...but there's still a to-do list in my head. There's always a to-do list in my head. And, I'm a perfectionist to a fault so I don't think I'll ever be TRULY finished.

Regardless of my craziness, to please all my sweet followers who have asked so kindly... here's my "finished" room. This does not reflect the work I did today...or the hour before school on Monday that I'll be putting up the remainder of ideas I have floating around in my head this weekend.

If you're interested in the "before" pictures- click here.

Here's the front door area...complete with a pinterest inspired quote wall...which makes me smile every stinkin' time I look at it. :)
You can grab your favorite quotes here.

I had to create my own cubbies this year...furniture is scarce around our school. I made these using milk crates from Wal-Mart and I zip tied them together...well, Mr. Hubs zipped tied them together actually. I also found some at Target but they didn't have the ability to snap together like the Wal-Mart version.
Plus, these ones matched my colors so I that made me happy.

My transportation chart above is hanging down the side of our class mailboxes...and my storage shelves.
To the right of the door is this sweet thang...
It needs a CAMEO addition for sure...like I said, my never ending to-do list ;)

I live in, what I endearingly refer to as, Portable Land and our rooms don't come with bulletin boards. I'm sure that made a ton of sense to someone.
Ya know, come to think of it... I wish I could meet that person. 
But I digress.
I snatched this "corky" guy up from Target's clearance isle! Fits perfectly  by the door and it matched my theme- SOLD!

While at Target, I swung by the Dollar Spot {what normal person doesn't} and picked up a hamper...which will hold my class set of umbrellas perfectly. Portable Land is not connected our main building by any type of covering so you can imagine how much fun it will be taking 18- 7 year olds to music in the rain.
Like I said, it made sense to someone.
Yep, those are polka dot rain boots. I sport them around school. I'm cool like that. ;)

Moving on...
Word wall and writing workshop just to the right of the door.
Library cove next to that.
I got that plant for Meet Your Teacher my first year. It was so little back then.
I think now it needs a name.
A volunteer cut about 6 inches off at the end of last year so she could start her own plant at home.
 I couldn't watch her do it...it hurt my heart.

Call me crazy.

Go ahead.

I know it's not normal to have emotional attachments to plants.

Moving on...
My sink area is behind the book shelf.
It's not usually that dark back there- the light is out.
I flipped a metal cabinet sideways next to the sink so I could use the magnetic surface for my {unfinished} schedule. Plus, it's close to my small group table so I was able to display our data charts for easy referral during reading and math workshops.
Aren't those purple cords bea.ut.i.ful? Yeaaaa...

Ignore the papers on the table. They're put away now.

That's our bathroom door/teacher closet on the right.

Behind the small group table, the back of the room looks like this...
Not my favorite wall.
It's kinda sad boring.
I gotta find something to spruce it up.
I'm thinking tissue paper pom-poms??

Anyway, to the right of the {out of order} student computers, is my desk. I
 can't photograph it...it's not yet presentable.
I love ya'll...but...
That would be too much dirty laundry out to dry for one day...just sayin'.
 I can show you this though...
 My chevron binders are ready to go and my Container Store find fits perfectly on my bookshelf! I just have to remember to label them!!
Here's the view from my desk area/back of the room...
You can't see the left wall from that picture...but here you can see half of it.
It started out as a white board but whoever decided that it made sense not to put bulletin boards out in Portable Land, also though it would be a good idea to not put magnetic white boards out there either, so that one quickly got covered with fabric. The other one? Well...it's white. The end.

Here's a better shot...
I used frog tape to separate the subjects. Have you heard of it? It's sold next to the painter's blue tape. L.O.V.E
Attaches perfectly to fabric and it is easily adjustable with no residue!
Just to the right of this board is our whole group/ class meeting area.
I bought the tall white bookshelf at Target to keep my teaching goodies close by.
Ignore the empty calendar...it got a frog tape makeover today. I'll have to snap a picture so you can see the before and after...it looks so much better now, I think.

Well... that brings you full circle, folks!

Monday is the first day with little humans! Pray it doesn't rain. ;)
Anyone else starting Monday?

Tomorrow is the first day of all day meetings pre-planning. I'm so sad that summer is over!! I spent the afternoon with Hubs at the pool- desperately trying to savor every last second! I was trying not to think about the massive to do list...sadly, it's too long to not think about. 
Do you get B2S jitters? It's so crazy- but I always toss and turn the night before school starts!
I think it's safe to say that I'm not alone...check it out...
A Turn to Learn is hosting a cute linky!

Who else is headed back tomorrow?

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