Swap & a Linky

Hey ya'll!
Today's post is like a box of chocolates...ya never know what you're gonna get.
I'll start with a fun little linky from Mrs. Standford's class!
I swapped products with Shanyn from
Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists
I was excited to review her best selling
Introduction To Multiplication math packet.
She has created this little pack with a sweet ocean theme.
Her printable recording sheets are easy to read and use the skill on multiplication in a variety of applications. Check it out!
Included in this pack you'll find ideas for fun activities that you could very easily adapt to a multitude of different situations. Shanyn really made this packet flexible! Which I love!
For example: use these flash cards for the recording sheet activity or put them in a center with manipulatives and allow students to create their own groups, or use them to match with grouping pictures.
I really liked the multiplication word problems. Check out the wording on this little card...did I mention that Shanyn is from Australia?? Lollies. So cute.

Check out Shanyn's cute packet on TpT and while you're at it check out her even cuter blog!
She's giving ya'll a lil review of my
 Happy {Word} Endings Suffix Packet today too!
Now for our next piece of chocolate...
you might be a teacher linky

Here it goes...

You might be a teacher if this is your favorite form of Professional Development.

You might be a teacher if your husband knows your teacher friends by last name only.

You might be a teacher if you visit multiple Target Dollar Spots in one day... on the hunt.

You might be a teacher if your lunch convo starts with, "Did you get a visitor this morning?"

You might be a teacher if the word: peeling...invokes an involuntary shudder.

You might be a teacher if the letters CCSS make your mind start spinning!

You might be a teacher is you create a link chain countdown to summer!

You might be a teacher if  you do B2S clothes shopping...for yourself.


Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. Ha ha so true! I love the "you might be a teacher if's" All of them fit the bill correctly.


  2. Your answers were hilarious. The professional development one is sooooo true and I'm heading out to do "the hunt" today. BTW thanks for the container store post the other day. I'm also going out on the hunt for the boxes you posted.

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  3. The "You Might Be a Teacher If..." cracked me up especially if your husband knows your teacher friends by their last names!!!


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