I wanted to share with you my how I setup my class homework & parent reminder sheets. I created my background layout in PowerPoint {LOVE, by the way} and saved it as a .jpg file. This allowed me to open it in Word at school and type into text boxes on top of the picture file. Since none of my personal graphics are on my work computer, I had to do it this way in order to edit it at school.

Here's what my homework contract looks like for next week:
Fonts I used: 
"My Own Topher" {teacher name}
"MTF Jumpin' Jack" {sub sections}
"HelloFirstie" {text boxes}

You can grab your own editable copy if you like it!
I know the year has already begun, but it's never too late for a makeover, right?
I have 2 different versions for you- one with a spot for vocabulary and one without.
Just use your favorite font and type into the text boxes that are already placed on the file.
Both files are Word documents, not sure what kind of trouble MAC users may run into with this file.
Click on the picture and download and save.
Whatcha think? Helpful?

Enjoy your Saturday ya'll!

We wrapped up our apple week today.
Did ya'll see the FREE BrainPOP Jr. video about Johnny Appleseed?
You don't need an account for this goodie! 
Our final activity was a Thinking Map.
Our school is pushing out one Thinking Map a week {school wide} this year. 
Our current focus is on circle maps. Here's what my littles put together today.
The exterior box frame holds all of our reference materials and activities that we used this week to build knowledge. My sweeties chose one or two things they learned this week that "stuck" with them.
 They wrote down their thoughts onto apple post-its and stuck them inside our knowledge circle.
The topic goes in the very middle. Traditionally, the center would be a circle.
I'm just a rebel. ;)
On a side note:
I spotted this sign on the shelf at TJMaxx tonight.
Who does this remind ya'll of? :)
Answer: Teri over at A Cupcake for the Teacher  :)

I love this time of year and so do my littles!
In honor of Johnny Appleseed, this week was bushels of fun to the core.
Too corny?
Okay, you're right.
Here's how we kicked it all off...
My student teacher did a mini lesson on the life cycle of an apple tree through the four seasons.
This little on the right was BEGGING for me to take her picture- she was so proud of her work, bless her little heart.
Obviously, we need to work on sequencing seasons with her.
It's such an abstract concept down here in Florida.
But I digress.
After we completed this little opening activity... 
we got to tastin'.
We tasted green apples, yellow apples and red apples on Monday.
On Tuesday we munched on some mini apple pie pastries.
Yesterday they sipped on apple juice and today they enjoyed a carmel apple lollipop.
They LOVED it and I LOVED all the learning :)
I snagged a a great freebie from TpT to help me out, of course.
Click to check it out!
I printed the journal {by Rebecca} as half pages so we could create an mini apple booklet.
We hole punched the leaf template, colored it green and slipped them onto the pipe cleaner stems.
This little guy's leaf is MIA for some reason.
You can click to download the apple template, if you're interested!
 I know your sweeties will enjoy every minute of it!
They graphed.
They tallied and manipulated data.
They described.
They sequenced.
{I took this picture on Monday and didn't grab a finished shot, sorry}
*This page came from Stephany over at Primary Possibilities
This freebie has disappeared from TpT, but check out her awesome blog!
They predicted.
They simply had a ball!!
It was so fun and a M.U.C.H needed break from our all day testing that's happening through this week {and next}. We've worked on our books for about 20 minutes every day, tasting something new as the week went on.
I'm sure you can finish it MUCH sooner than my class but I used it as a little relief from the bubbling in of answer sheets that has quickly consumed our days.
Go grab your freebies from the links above!
Hope it's not too late and you're able to use them with your littles!
T.G.I {almost}.F!!!
How many computer logins do your littles have?
I counted ours up- 5.
Is that normal?
And the usernames are never easy.
It's always their student ID number which is 10 digits.
Followed by their birthday...sometimes 6 digits, sometimes 10.
Depending on the program.
It ALWAYS takes then a day and a half forever to log in.
Sometimes longer.
It's painful to watch.
I repeat, "Using the number keys on the side of the keyboard will save you time" in my sleep.
I must say it at least a half million 6 dozen times a day. 
A lot.
Am I alone on this boat?
Who thought up this glorious plan?
It would be one thing if all the usernames and passwords were the same for each program- but no.
That would be too easy.
Last year, it started with just one or two programs.
That was easy, I just put in on an index card.
Now, we're up to 5.
Not as easy to put on an index card.
I could write super small.
That may only cause more delay.
I'm an "ESE cluster" class this year which means I need to be creative because having 5 program usernames jumbled on an index card can easily cause a melt down of giant proportions.
Here's my solution:
I uploaded this baby to VistaPrint as a postcard.
There's only 4 slots because 2 of our programs use the same info.
I write the title of the program on the left.
Once they arrived, I broke down the 10 digit ID number into color chunks.
It really helps my kiddos focus and follow easily.

Many of you have emailed me asking how I got VP items for free {just pay shipping}...and here's my secret:
I googled: Free VistaPrint postcards
Try it. :)
There's always tons of sites that are running specials- but you have to go through those sites to get the deal. It doesn't cost you anything but a little extra time to search for an updated link.
It's worth every minute. I promise.
I get loads of goodies this way!
Click on the picture above to download your copy and help your littles get organized.
Happy Tuesday!

It's not the first day of school...but it's Monday.
I'm sure you can relate.
Why are Monday's so hard??
Have a great week ya'll! 
Can't wait to share all the apple fun we'll be having!!
I'll be back with pictures. :)
This weekend only, grab a few of my best sellers at 20% OFF!
Here's my newest unit:
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And this little guy has been flying off the racks lately!
Here's what teachers have been saying:

If you're knee deep in common core, then you're well aware of the math fact fluency goals for your grade level.
I call it "Minute Math", and the best part?
My littles think it's a game.
I won't tell them their learning...that'll be our secret ;)
There's something about a timer that makes their faces light up!
On a side note,
Look what I received this week!
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Happy Friday friends!
Can't wait for Johnny Appleseed next week- who's excited?!?
Our reading focus last week was sequencing.
This week, I wanted to review in a different way.
Last week was a lot of reading and writing, which is great for my on/above target students, but I may have lost of few of my kiddos along the way. I've got a few littles that need picture support and hands-on activities to make this concept concrete and tangible.
So, with the help of my favorite story teller, we worked on reviewing sequencing today...
Don't ya'll just love this little old lady who has a serious problem with swallowing things?!?
Better yet, don't your kiddos adore her !?!
 She's perfect for sequencing {and so much more}!
Here's what we did...
I cut a slit in her mouth large enough to slide a sentence strip through.
During small group, my special sweeties that need the picture support, practiced sequencing the story elements and slipping them through her mouth one by one and.
Then they glued the pictures in order on a sentence strip.
They each used one of her beloved books to help support that common core "evidence" aspect and to double check their work.
 The more comfortable they got with the story, the book quickly got pushed to the side as my littles retold the story over and over- independently and confidently sequencing while they went.
 They glued the story ending to the back of the strip so they could push it back through her mouth.
"Throw-up style" they called it.
 If you want to try this with your kiddos, it's included in each individual book packet below.
I also bundled all 4 books to save ya some moo-la.
You're welcome ;)
I'll be adding more books to the pack soon so grab the bundle now for $12.50 to secure the price for future additions/updated downloads!
It's 160+ pages full of fun activities!
Click the picture above to check out this bundled pack
click the individual covers if you're interested in getting them sold separately.

Either way- all packets include:
Character Cards/Posters for retelling
Reader's Theatre script
Graphic Organizers
Syllable Sorting Activities
ABC Order {activity and recording sheet}
Noun/Verb Sort {activity and recording sheet}
Sequencing Mini Book
Old Lady Craftivity Pattern/writing topper
Class book Writing Activity
Sentence Strip Retelling Activity
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