Apple Wrap Up & BrainPOP Freebie

We wrapped up our apple week today.
Did ya'll see the FREE BrainPOP Jr. video about Johnny Appleseed?
You don't need an account for this goodie! 
Our final activity was a Thinking Map.
Our school is pushing out one Thinking Map a week {school wide} this year. 
Our current focus is on circle maps. Here's what my littles put together today.
The exterior box frame holds all of our reference materials and activities that we used this week to build knowledge. My sweeties chose one or two things they learned this week that "stuck" with them.
 They wrote down their thoughts onto apple post-its and stuck them inside our knowledge circle.
The topic goes in the very middle. Traditionally, the center would be a circle.
I'm just a rebel. ;)
On a side note:
I spotted this sign on the shelf at TJMaxx tonight.
Who does this remind ya'll of? :)
Answer: Teri over at A Cupcake for the Teacher  :)


  1. LOL when I saw that picture I was like, "That's SO me!!!" and apparently you thought so too!!! Love ya girl! Now I must hit up a TJMaxx :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. I thought the same thing.... :)
    My daughter would love that EVERY room of our home! Lol
    Love the thinking map using the apple post-its!

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