Apples, Apples, Apples!

I love this time of year and so do my littles!
In honor of Johnny Appleseed, this week was bushels of fun to the core.
Too corny?
Okay, you're right.
Here's how we kicked it all off...
My student teacher did a mini lesson on the life cycle of an apple tree through the four seasons.
This little on the right was BEGGING for me to take her picture- she was so proud of her work, bless her little heart.
Obviously, we need to work on sequencing seasons with her.
It's such an abstract concept down here in Florida.
But I digress.
After we completed this little opening activity... 
we got to tastin'.
We tasted green apples, yellow apples and red apples on Monday.
On Tuesday we munched on some mini apple pie pastries.
Yesterday they sipped on apple juice and today they enjoyed a carmel apple lollipop.
They LOVED it and I LOVED all the learning :)
I snagged a a great freebie from TpT to help me out, of course.
Click to check it out!
I printed the journal {by Rebecca} as half pages so we could create an mini apple booklet.
We hole punched the leaf template, colored it green and slipped them onto the pipe cleaner stems.
This little guy's leaf is MIA for some reason.
You can click to download the apple template, if you're interested!
 I know your sweeties will enjoy every minute of it!
They graphed.
They tallied and manipulated data.
They described.
They sequenced.
{I took this picture on Monday and didn't grab a finished shot, sorry}
*This page came from Stephany over at Primary Possibilities
This freebie has disappeared from TpT, but check out her awesome blog!
They predicted.
They simply had a ball!!
It was so fun and a M.U.C.H needed break from our all day testing that's happening through this week {and next}. We've worked on our books for about 20 minutes every day, tasting something new as the week went on.
I'm sure you can finish it MUCH sooner than my class but I used it as a little relief from the bubbling in of answer sheets that has quickly consumed our days.
Go grab your freebies from the links above!
Hope it's not too late and you're able to use them with your littles!
T.G.I {almost}.F!!!


  1. Caramel apple lollipops?! Sounds yummy!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. I love the activities! We are using thinking maps too and did one for Johnny Appleseed. I love the apple instead of the circle. I won't tell. HeHe!

    The Resourceful Apple


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