Behavior Craftivity!

Have you ever heard of, or used Conscious Discipline by the ever famous and totally funny, Becky Bailey?
You should totally check her out!!
Great speaker!
She's kind of a behavior goddess, ya'll.
And guess what...she's not a big fan of the ever popular color clip charts- GASP!!
I know.
Total devastation.
Just when I thought I was on the right track. ;)
Anyway- I attended one of her sessions during our district's professional development day last month. I learned a lot about how to help my students "self regulate" their emotions.
aka: go from total emotional meltdown to emotional control.

It's pretty dang awesome.
She taught us:
1. That it all begins with helping students identify their behavioral triggers.
2.Identify the emotions their triggers cause them to feel.
3. How to move past that emotion to the solution of their behavior.

I was so inspired by her process that I began brainstorming how I could bring it all to life in my classroom.
I'll be honest- I haven't figured it all out yet.
Any tips from veteran users?

...I'm taking baby steps...

Great news for other newbies like me- she provides LOADS of free printables, tips and activities on her website.
I {heart} the breathing technique posters!
My kiddos love them too- I work them in as brain breaks for the whole class.
I created a little craftivity packet to help my little people become self-aware of their emotional triggers. Check it out!!

My littles really loved this project. We did it on the second day of school and it was a great way to open communication about emotional triggers. We {myself included} learned a lot about each other that day! 
Isn't that what sisters are for?
 Just kidding.
You can grab your 20 page Behavior Awareness Craftivity packet HERE!
For just $2.00 you'll get:
*Craftivity pattern pieces with pictures & instructions*
*2 additional writing activities with primary & secondary lines*
{great for a class book!}
*"Now What?" Behavioral/Emotional Processing sheet*
*"Stop & Think" behavior reflection form*
*"Look in the Mirror" behavior identification sheet*
*Safe Place class poster*
*Resource pages with web links for behavior tips*
*Recommended Read-A-louds*
Happy Tuesday friends!
p.s. I have a 500 follower giveaway coming soon- eekk! :)
Check back!


  1. I love your bees. What a great idea to really kickstart a discussion about how actions make us feel. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. This is adorable. Our class shirts says
    Don't bug us, we're learning!!!

  3. Super cute activity and awesome blog! I did this with my clients last week--they loved it! I posted how it turned out on our blog (I linked back to your site : )

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Cute idea. Here's the book that teaches this concept - A BUG AND A WISH

  5. I am so happy to hear this! I work with ED students and we work on Triggers all the time with our anger management unit. I needed some thing for young students and stumbled on your blog. If you still need tips message me. I have a bunch.

  6. I love your bees. What a great idea to really a discussion about how actions make us feel. Thanks so much for sharing! kiyaso


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