Computer Log In Card- FREEBIE

How many computer logins do your littles have?
I counted ours up- 5.
Is that normal?
And the usernames are never easy.
It's always their student ID number which is 10 digits.
Followed by their birthday...sometimes 6 digits, sometimes 10.
Depending on the program.
It ALWAYS takes then a day and a half forever to log in.
Sometimes longer.
It's painful to watch.
I repeat, "Using the number keys on the side of the keyboard will save you time" in my sleep.
I must say it at least a half million 6 dozen times a day. 
A lot.
Am I alone on this boat?
Who thought up this glorious plan?
It would be one thing if all the usernames and passwords were the same for each program- but no.
That would be too easy.
Last year, it started with just one or two programs.
That was easy, I just put in on an index card.
Now, we're up to 5.
Not as easy to put on an index card.
I could write super small.
That may only cause more delay.
I'm an "ESE cluster" class this year which means I need to be creative because having 5 program usernames jumbled on an index card can easily cause a melt down of giant proportions.
Here's my solution:
I uploaded this baby to VistaPrint as a postcard.
There's only 4 slots because 2 of our programs use the same info.
I write the title of the program on the left.
Once they arrived, I broke down the 10 digit ID number into color chunks.
It really helps my kiddos focus and follow easily.

Many of you have emailed me asking how I got VP items for free {just pay shipping}...and here's my secret:
I googled: Free VistaPrint postcards
Try it. :)
There's always tons of sites that are running specials- but you have to go through those sites to get the deal. It doesn't cost you anything but a little extra time to search for an updated link.
It's worth every minute. I promise.
I get loads of goodies this way!
Click on the picture above to download your copy and help your littles get organized.
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I liked your password card idea and vistaprint. I made mine on word under a business card document. Printed them on cardstock and placed them in clear sleeves that were business size that I found on sale in Staples. The kiddos keep these in their pencil pouches and it's worked great as well. But yes having a bagillion programs with different passwords is a pain!
    -Lovely Nina


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