Currently and *NEW* Motivational Monday!

I can't believe I'm posting SEPTEMBER'S currently!!!
How stinkin' crazy is that??
Time is flyin' and complaining! ;)
With the school year in full swing, I've decided to add a little structure to my blog. I introduce to you...
My goal is to post something every Monday to bring a smile to your face, warm your heart and help make the start of your week just a little easier.
Hope you like it friends!

Happy Labor Day!!


  1. I love the motivational Mondays idea! I can't wait to visit your blog on Mondays and get motivated! Enjoy your 2nd grade team! I am loving my 4th grade team!!!

  2. I really like your motivational Monday idea. I'll be sure to come back next week for some more inspiration. BTW everything on your favorite things list could have been on mine...LOVE IT!!! Have fun on your cruise.
    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  3. How amazing is Donor's Choose? I love it! I also have a project that is about $80 away from funding.... it's so exciting to get those e-mails that a project is funded :) Good luck getting yours funded soon! I'm jealous of your cruise. Where are you heading? I was actually just looking up cruises.... it's been way too long since I've been on one!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

    1. The Bahamas! 3 nights- just long enough for a quick tan ;) Good luck with your DonorsChoose!! You're so close!

  4. Found you through Farley's! I love cruising too! Are you going on a Royal Caribbean boat? I have done the three night bohemian cruise a few times.

    If you are going on RC I recommend going to the far side of their private island, CoCo Cay. Most of the cruisers grabbed the chairs closest to the ferries. If you do walk to the other side, you will find that it is like a private island. There are chairs and cabanas spread out a nice distance and the water clarity is much better. Hope you enjoy!

    Fantastic First Grade Friends

  5. Thank you for posting the video. I have seen his poem many times, but never the video!

    All Things Teachery

  6. I found you through the Currently!! Newest follower here:) I hope you'll stop by both of my blogs sometime:) Have a great time on your cruise!

    1...2...3...Teach With Me
    Dots of Fun!

  7. ***This year is amazing already, because it's new and we have all been given a clean slate by where to process, plan, and begin a totally new outlook than we had the year before! Find a new set of people, places and events that have a higher vibration- or a more positive way of thinking, especially within your immediate circle, that are nicer to you and more understanding of your world view. The world is a beautiful place, once you step out of your comfort zone, you can choose to learn more about cultures, cities, people and places maybe some that you have not known before. Happy New Year! IT is a lot More than just the next sequential digit from the last digit of the year before. The new year is a time to regroup and renew what makes your heart and your soul reignite with new life and fire up a blast of energy, and new emotional and spiritual growth! ~*** おたより本舗,年賀状、印刷、デザイン


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