There Was An Old Lady Who {Freebies}...

Our reading focus last week was sequencing.
This week, I wanted to review in a different way.
Last week was a lot of reading and writing, which is great for my on/above target students, but I may have lost of few of my kiddos along the way. I've got a few littles that need picture support and hands-on activities to make this concept concrete and tangible.
So, with the help of my favorite story teller, we worked on reviewing sequencing today...
Don't ya'll just love this little old lady who has a serious problem with swallowing things?!?
Better yet, don't your kiddos adore her !?!
 She's perfect for sequencing {and so much more}!
Here's what we did...
I cut a slit in her mouth large enough to slide a sentence strip through.
During small group, my special sweeties that need the picture support, practiced sequencing the story elements and slipping them through her mouth one by one and.
Then they glued the pictures in order on a sentence strip.
They each used one of her beloved books to help support that common core "evidence" aspect and to double check their work.
 The more comfortable they got with the story, the book quickly got pushed to the side as my littles retold the story over and over- independently and confidently sequencing while they went.
 They glued the story ending to the back of the strip so they could push it back through her mouth.
"Throw-up style" they called it.
 If you want to try this with your kiddos, it's included in each individual book packet below.
I also bundled all 4 books to save ya some moo-la.
You're welcome ;)
I'll be adding more books to the pack soon so grab the bundle now for $12.50 to secure the price for future additions/updated downloads!
It's 160+ pages full of fun activities!
Click the picture above to check out this bundled pack
click the individual covers if you're interested in getting them sold separately.

Either way- all packets include:
Character Cards/Posters for retelling
Reader's Theatre script
Graphic Organizers
Syllable Sorting Activities
ABC Order {activity and recording sheet}
Noun/Verb Sort {activity and recording sheet}
Sequencing Mini Book
Old Lady Craftivity Pattern/writing topper
Class book Writing Activity
Sentence Strip Retelling Activity
**If you already own my Clover packet, you can redownload- I've added about 20 pages!**

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