As a self proclaimed font addict, I'm sure you knew I wouldn't be able to stay away from the font making fun that has been rapidly spreading!
My husband is thankful that I finally stopped at 7..8...okay, 9 new fonts. Talk about a guilty pleasure...I got totally sucked in by all the fun! I just couldn't help myself! The iFont Maker app makes it soooo easy!
I hope you love them as much as I do!
You'll see 8 fonts below. Font number 9 is a surprise- 'cause I'm fun like that. ;)
You can download all my free fonts by clicking on the picture.
These fonts can be used for personal or commercial use- I just ask that you link/credit back to me.
So, tell me what you think? :) You like??
This week Sara, Danielle and I are hosting the very first Motivational Monday Linky! Just grab the button, link it back to one of our blogs and join the fun!
This week, I found a little comic that made me giggle {maybe because I can totally relate}...I just had to share!
Now, it's your turn- link up and help spread a smile around blog-o-sphere!

Just stopping by this Sunday to share with ya'll how I organize my parent communications binder.
It's good practice to keep all your parent communications in one location. No searching or digging through files. You just never know when you may need documentation on a moments notice. It also makes phone calls more efficient. When I have to make a phone call, I can quickly and easily grab my binder and record all important info {who I spoke with, the date and the topic/reason for the call}.
I found these great little printables last has student info on one side and a parent communication log on the other. {student info is blurred out, for obvious reasons}
I picked up this amazing freebie from Kathy's TpT store. She recommended printing front/back on cardstock and she was so right! I use these so often that the cardstock is a must!
I also keep field trip permission slips, photo release forms or other small signed slips in a handy divider pocket. I find it so much easier than file folders or in a basket waiting to be filed. I always keep these little guys until the end of the year for easy reference if needed.
Something I've done for years is have parents sign & return their child's mid-term reports.
This isn't required by our school, but I like to be safe.
 I keep these filled away in my binder. This is my proof that parents did know their child's grade prior to report cards. Having these in my binder have saved my rear end once or twice. I have a divider for each quarter to keep things tidy.
You can pick up my binder covers {here} and get your parent communications {and other binders} organized too!
Now I'm off to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather here in Florida!
Link up and share what works in your room!

I've been totally MIA lately...the reason?
I'm just whooped by the time I get home every night.
I lay on the couch wishing a magic blogger fairy would share all the fun things my class has been up to. My camera has been filling up and I just don't have the energy to dump it.
I hope you'll forgive me. I need to snap out of it-stat.
I do have a quick burst of energy to share a little before and after DIY with ya, though!
Last week I picked up this beauty for FREE.
That's my kind of shopping! Who doesn't LOVE free?!?
Garage sales and thrift stores are also great places to snag deals that need a lil TLC.
I grabbed some fabric left overs that match my classroom colors, borrowed a staple gun and wah-lah.
Stool makeover 101. :)
That's all I have the energy for today. But, before you go...hop over and show some love to one of my teaching besties! Danielle is launching her first grade blog: {Classroom Cupcakes}.

Blogs By Heather
She's ten kinds of amazing! I just know you'll love her!
When you stop by, make sure to enter her launch giveaway! She's got a LakeShore giftcard and any item from my TpT store up for grabs!! Don't miss it!

I'm trying to bribe the blogger fairies into posting for me again this weekend. We'll see if it works! ;)
It's Monday.again.
Today I just needed a laugh. I don't know about ya'll.
Next week Sara from Smiling in Second will be teaming up with me for Motivational Monday! We'll also be opening it up as a linky for everyone to spread the joy.
But, for now...scroll and enjoy.
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Happy Monday!
Just dropping by with a little reminder of what we're creating each day.
The impact of our craft can get hazy some days... let's be honest, between all the papers, meetings, tattling, emails, meetings, phone calls, conferences, meetings, data sheets, report cards, planning, meetings etc.
It can wear a teacher down.
It happens.
This video lifted my spirits and warmed my heart today and I hope it does yours as well. 
I wish I had more for ya- but I need a break.
Have a great week my friends!

Someone is about to get an adorable chevron bag!
Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner...AMANDA TAYLOR!! Congrats...check your email!
Don't be sad if you didn't win- 14Elm is offering free shipping this weekend to all their new FB followers!
I'm also extending the Pinktober fight through the end of the month...every new follower = $1 donation to my school's Relay For Life Team!
A few other bloggers are joining the fight and you can too!
Grab this button for your blog's pledge.
Today was full of sweets!
We started by sequencing the steps of making an ice cream sundae.
The kids did all the work and I ate all the ice cream.
Okay, okay- eventually I decided to share...  ;) 
I mentioned last week that my school is focusing on one Thinking Map each week {school-wide}. This week we focused on bubble maps. As my littles slurped up their yummy snack, they created a bubble map to describe their sundae's characteristics.
Click {here} for your own copy!
You're sure to score mega cool points with your little people when you bust out this activity!
I was the coolest teacher ever- the kids said so themselves.
It's true. Kids never lie.
The sweets just kept coming! 
We also made Author Purpose PIEs.
My sweet teamie found a cute pin that got me thinking and tweaking.
Here's what I came up with.
You'll need 2 paper plates for each student.
Students color the interior of one plate brown or orange if they want a pumpkin pie
Then trim the edge off the other plate and cut it into quarters.
Glue the titles to the bottom side of the plate.
Then attach each quarter to the colored plate.
Tape was the easiest so that each flap could still be lifted.
Glue the definitions to the interior of the pie slice.
Click {here} to grab your copy!
Let me know what you think if you download :)
Happy Weekend ya'll!
I got an email this afternoon that just made my day!
Wanna know what it said?
That my sweet lil blog has been named in a list of Top 50 Early Childhood Education Blogs!
Kinda crazy seeing my name next to
...the list goes on...
and there's The Learning Tree, next to the very ladies that inspired me to create this little corner in blogland!
Thought I'd share my excitement with my friends.
{By the way- that's ya'll.}
Moving on.
I've had a ton of requests to alter my homework template originally found {here}.
Here's three more versions...hope you can use them if the first two weren't just right for your littles.
 Click each to download the one that fits your needs.
Feel free to pin and share with your teacher friends.
Sharing is caring. :)
Don't forget, for every new follower I gain this week I'll be donating a dollar to my school's Relay For Life Team in honor of 'Pinktober' and the fight against breast cancer. So click "join this site" on the left side bar to become a follower and support the cause.
You can also enter to win this adorable bag from {here} to enter.
Pink Chevron Cosmetic Bag
The bag giveaway ends tonight at midnight.
I'll be back tomorrow to share my class' day of "sweet" learning and announce the 14Elm bag winner!
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