Money, Money, Money! {LOADS of freebies}

We've been hitting the coins hard for the past week or so in math.
Lots of learning, lots of confusion, and lots of fun thrown in the mix.
Why are coins so darn tricky for little ones?
I guess because size order doesn't match the worth?
 Skip counting by 25's gets 'em every.dang.time.
BrainPop and YouTube have been a blessing for this unit.
Nothing like a silly robot and corny catchy song or two to help them get their coins straight.
Here's a little of what we've been up to {picture style}...

The best part of this unit are all the AMAZING freebies out there {made by ya'll} to help make learning money a little more fun!
Here's a list of all the goodies we've each one to get your own copy:
 A few YouTube videos that were catchy:
We also used Clutter-Free Classroom's coin unit. You can check it out {here} on TpT. It was a great packet that gave my quick learners some extra independent practice while the rest of my littles continued to argue over who was richer instead of counting coins. They decided I was richest...which in turn made me queen of the classroom so I okay with that. ;)
Come back tomorrow for an awesome here for a sneak peek:
What do you think it will be?


  1. Love the money freebies!! I also looove the wooden letters and I get so many compliments on them :) thank you again, the only giveaway I ever won but what an amazing one :)


  2. Money is hard for 2nd graders, especially when now a days everything is mostly bought on by a card! You did a nice job of integrating many different learning avenues!
    Amy Howbert, 2nd grade teacher
    Little Miss Organized


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