Was today tough or what? I think I hit the snooze button at least twice ya'll.
The day flew by and I hit the ground running with holiday fun.
Check out this lil fact family craftivity.
Hopefully this freebie makes your Monday a little better.
You could do lots with this template!
This is just one example.
You could do word families, multiplication, main idea & details...
I'm sure you could think of a million more ideas!
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What a day!
We started our morning with one of my all-time favorite stories!
We also reviewed a story from our basal series: The Elves and The Shoemaker.
Both stories have great examples of giving!
We did a mini-lesson/review on comparing and contrasting using examples of giving and receiving from both pieces of text.

The topic and discussion of giving led right into Thanksgiving and what we're grateful for..
As a class we made a list of everyone around the school we were thankful for.
I finished the list by telling the kids I was thankful for them
{even though our intern teacher was first on their list- I didn't hold a grudge for too long.}
Now for the part of the lesson that doesn't show up on a data graph...
I presented my class with a pumpkin pie.
You should have heard the squeals.
For a moment I thought One Direction walked in the room.
Not even kidding.
I made a big deal about how yummy it looked and happy it would make me if I was given a piece. Then I slapped a giant question mark on my face and said, "Wow- I wonder what we should do with this yummy, delicious, tasty pie?!?"
The class erupted with debate.
"Add cherries and eat it."
"Add whip cream!"
"Let us stick our faces in it!" 
I heard a small voice through all the shouting say, "We should give it away."
DING! DING! DING! We have a winner!
I jumped at the change to make her thought grow.
We were giving this pie away whether they realized it or not.
That WAS the lesson objective...standard or no standard.
The class was torn so we took it to a vote.
I may or may not have given a thumbs up and a "great choice" to every kiddo that agreed we should give it away.
Is it still called peer pressure when you're the teacher?!?

It came down to 9 votes: "give it" and 7 votes: "eat it".
 Teacher, 1
Students, 0
I cut up the pie while they wrote out notes to give with the sweet treat.
This one went to our PE coach.
Our kiddos don't have scheduled recess so our PE coach was pretty high on their "thankful list".
The kids were so excited to delivery their "gift".
I wish you could see the proud smiles.
 Later in the afternoon, I asked administration to deliver a fresh baked apple pie as a reward to my sweeties for being such wonderful givers.
I let our assistant principal take all the credit {and the hugs} for the surprise.
I was in a giving mood. ;)
A few kiddos asked if the Giving Tree from the story could see them like Santa.
I told them, "You just never know who's watching."
You can download the free tags by clicking on the picture below.
Graphics: MelonHeadz
Font: KG Strawberry Limeade
If you do pick 'em up- leave me some love on TpT!
We also wrapped up informational writing about pilgrims.
 These cuties are the brain child of my friend Teri over at A Cupcake For The Teacher. Her craftivities are always precious! I didn't have the energy time to trace out the patterns onto colored paper so my class colored them instead.
No less adorable, I think.

There's moments that my heart doesn't agree with the regulations of what education can be.
Can't we remember that they're kids? Tiny humans that need our love, support and guidance. I got into teaching for them... The love of their light bulb moments.
That's what keeps me going.

And if that ever fails me...if I get lost in the shuffle of papers and meetings and data graphs and conferences and assessments- I remember what Christina Yang would say:
Two high school students document teacher quotes on myhipsterteacher.

I'll leave you with a little truth laugh. 

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Remember to dance today friends!

Just a quick post tonight to show you my classroom family project for November.
I can't wait to see how they turn out!
My kiddos are soooo excited!!!
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I'm off to curl up on the couch with a blanket and finish some grading- it's crazy cold here in Florida!
Do you do a family project for Thanksgiving?

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