Christmas is Coming! Christmas is Coming! {Math Freebie}

Where has the time gone?
It feels like just yesterday I was rockin' my flippy flops and shorts on the beach!
It's Florida- so, maybe that was just yesterday. ;p
Either way- you get my point, right?
Christmas is in 15 days.
15 DAYS?!?

This really is the busiest time of year.
Mr. Hubs and I just traveled to north Florida for Grandpa's 85th surprise birthday party!

It was a quick trip and nothing has really stood still since then.
My head is spinning with to-do lists:
1. Puerto Rico trip {pack}
2. Mid-term progress reports
3. Update data sheets
4. Mid-year Assessments GALORE
5. Wrap & ship Christmas presents
6. Cook for school potluck
7. Bake for team cookie exchange
 8. Laundry
I could keep going {and I'm sure you could too}...but I'll spare you the anxiety.
Seems like things never slow down.
My littles have been pushing hard too.
We have state reading assessments right after the winter break and I've kicked it into high gear! Our classroom has turned into the Maxwell House- "Good to the last drop"
Here's a few shots of our activities in action

...Jolly Holly Math Fact Families...
...the "Gift" of reading comprehension...
...Snowman Building {number ordering}...
All of these activities {and MUCH more} are included in my newest packet!
50 pages of hands-on learning, crafts and centers.
Click below for more details.
That's not all we've been up to!
We're finally reaching the finish line with double digit addition and subtraction.
This teacher is B.E.A.T!
I put together this fun 'lil activity to wrap up addition and subtraction with money.
Students chose two matching piggy banks {they are lettered}.
Then they wrote out their problem vertically on their work space.
We did two review days for addition, then two for subtraction. 
{I laminated the "work it out" sheets for reuse}
My kiddos recorded their answers on the included sheet so I could check for cent signs!
This math tub has been a favorite for over a week now!
That makes me a happy teacher :)
It's yours if you like it!
Just click the photos to download. 

It's all been a blur these past couple weeks!
{as you can tell by my lack of meaningful blog posts lately}
I'm off to tackle at least one more thing on the list before I hit the coach and never get up again.
I'll be back later this week to show you our holiday science experiment and how my amazing new Christmas present was used in the classroom for the first time!
15 days and counting!
First two people for comment & leave an email will get "All I Want For Christmas" for free!


  1. Such a cute picture of you and your grandpa! And this looks like a great packet.

    teaching the littles

  2. This looks great!


  3. Aww I LOVE the picture of you and your grandpa! It sounds like you've been VERY busy! Your new pack looks awesome! Thanks so much for the freebie! :o)

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  4. Thanks for the freebie! It's great!

    Christina :)
    Check out my blog!
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

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