Fractions & Time {A Match Made in Heaven!}

It was a busy week last week...and I have a ton of data to show for it.
Our week in 3 words? TESTING, TESTING, TESTING.
I'm so not a fan of all the testing we have to do. It's so time consuming.
 I {SERIOUSLY} LOVE seeing all the growth that my kiddos are making!
 I'm also a nerd, so I enjoy dissecting the numbers.
I guess you could say it's a love/hate relationship.
We did kick off a new math unit all about fractions and time. Now, you might not see the connection between the two skills, but it totally works.
We started the week with loads of vocabulary to master. Since fractions and time are both introduced in 2nd grade {in my district}, this was all new for my kiddos. They caught on quickly so we had a little playdough fun. Who doesn't love playdough?!?

I had the kids use the lids to cut clean circles. Then they partitioned {CCSS vocab right there, ya'll} the circles into equal sections. We practiced with halves, quarters and thirds. They did SO great! I took it a step further and wrote the fraction on the board and they represented it with their dough. I tried to throw them off by writing whole fractions as well. It so didn't work.
 They kept begging for me to "give them a hard one". HA!
Later in the week, with a better understanding of fractions, we were able to transfer that vocabulary and concept into the beginning stages of telling time. They mastered hours pretty quickly so we moved into "half past" and "quarter til". I loved seeing the light bulbs go off when they were able to view the clock as a fraction. I even had a little one make the connection of four quarters in a dollar!!
It totally made this teacher's heart smile!
On a side note, this has begun to consume my brain and time!
It's so exciting!
I can't wait to own our first home!
Hope you enjoyed your long weekend! With yesterday off and PD today, there's only 3 days standing between me and next weekend! Here's hoping it comes quickly...We have a list of homes to visit :D

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  1. This is so cool! I can see this working well in my room. Thanks a bunch


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