I haven't been doing much teaching lately, hence the MIA status here on this 'ol blog. My student intern is in full swing these days and as much as I enjoy the feeling of being "caught up"...I miss teaching my sweet kiddos. I find myself sneaking in a small group here and there just to feel like I'm doing something with my day
{other than data input!}. HA! ;)
I stopped by Dollar Tree last night for a quick peek at their St. Patty's Day garb.
I found these guys and they got my wheels spinning!
Lately, my kiddos have been been known to practice multiplication facts during writing centers...spelling centers...and reading centers...and it drives me 10 kinds of crazy! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that they love math...but I had to find a way to get them to save math for math centers!
These goodies will save the day...I hope! ;)
Our state standard teaches the basic foundation of times tables: repeated addition and equal grouping. I have an ambitious group and they have been BEGGING to learn how to multiply "for real"! Bless their little hearts.
Here's what I came up with!
I don't have the coin problem file to share due to copyright on the graphic, but you get the idea! You could just use index cards or make your own coin graphic, if inclined.
Basically, the kids choose a problem and then represent it using plastic coins as counters. If the problem calls for less than 4 groups, students can use the foam clovers to cover the cutouts if they need that extra support.
Hope it's something you can use or modify to help your little people master their facts!
I only created problems up to the 4 facts, but you certainly could grab three mats and go up to facts of 12!
It's been a while my friends! We're knee deep in the home buying adventure. I eat, breath, and dream paint colors, furniture and appliances these days. I kinda love it. Ask me again in a couple months once it's all said and done. ;)
So that's the update on the home front. Now for my home away from home...
Last week was Valentine's Day and we were testing all.week.long.
but we did manage to sneak a little bit of time to share the love!
For the past few years, I've created these little bags with my sweeties to hold all their candy and notes on Vday. These are white lunch bags that I keep on hand, but you could use the colored/decorated ones from the stores...just keep in mind that whatever you use, the kids will need to write on them.
They traced their hands on the front and then decorated with a little glitter and a few classic heart stickers. Easy. peasy! I always LOVE this sweet and super simple activity! The smiles on their faces when they read all the notes just melts.my.heart.
The kiddos move about the room and work to give each other "five" on the back of the bags...five reasons why they're special, that is. I always make sure that I write one each bag too.
This year, we all sat and shared one or two comments from their bags that made them feel most special. This led into a great class discussion about writing using detailed language. Students were able to see the impact of their words from a writer's and a reader's perspective! Such a teachable moment! They quickly saw the difference between: "You are nice" and "You are a good friend because you apologize if you hurt my feelings."
Each year I look forward to this lil activity because it engages all my kiddos and it allows students the opportunity to give valentine notes...even if they didn't bring anything.
Feel free to pin if you want to save it for next year!
Happy Monday ya'll! Cheers to a short week! :)
I'll start with the news that I'm sure you'll want to know most ;)
My lil store is having a big 'ol sale today in celebration of those guys that run around hitting each other and throwing a ball down a field. I don't need to know much about the game- I just care that it involves a fab sale?!?
Thanks Amy Lemons for this precious graphic!
March is just a couple weeks away- crazy right?!?
But if you plan now, you can get some great deals!

Need a plant study/observation packet?
And who doesn't love the Old Lady series?
This packet includes a full length reader's theatre script to support even your most struggling readers!
And this fun little math packet is perfect to celebrate St. Patty's day and review number sense.
Click each picture for more details on my products.
Okay, Okay....commercial over...
Moving on!
We went on a field trip to the Orlando Science Center this week.
Instead of rambling on about the madness fun...I'll just show it to you. :)
First stop: Engineering Lab.
Task: build a shelter.
 There was so much thinking going on in the room.
I swore I saw smoke ;)
Next Stop: Circuit City
Task: make a circuit to turn on the light
Last stop: Florida Nature Center
Task: DON'T RUN! Learn about Florida's habitats and animals
It was loads of fun people!
Happy Sunday ya'll.
Now go get your shopping on before the big game!
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