Latoya over at Flying into First Grade is having a fun linky party and since I slacked on the first round, I had to jump on the bandwagon this time! So here ya go...the favorite NOUNS of my life.

My hubby...hands down. He's my best friend and the only person in this world that knows me better than I know myself. It's true.
Puerto Rico! I love the culture, the views and the ya'll.
I'm lucky enough to have half the Mr.'s family there!
That equals fab vacays for this girl!
Our FIRST house...and all the DIY fun I'm having!! For my loyal readers and friends, you know we've been hunting since January and it's been a journey. We close in a month and I've become a craigslist-a-holic! All my Pinterest home boards are finally being put to good use!
My handsome Hunter cat....a 12 year old Russian Blue shelter rescue.
He's 18 pounds of pure trouble ya'll ...and a little too smart for his own good, but I just adore that sweet face and I can't stay mad at him for more than 2 seconds...even if he eats all my plants, climbs inside cabinets, knocks over the trashcan and chews on every piece of plastic in our house.
Don't let that cute face fool you.
Now it's your turn...what are the favorite nouns in your life?
Here's today's tip for all ya'll that are still gettin' your groove on with the Easter egg craze!
I blogged about my multiplication eggs a couple weeks ago and then I ran into a slight problem a few days later.
The kids LOVED them so much that they wore the darn things plum clean!!
Then I had a lightbulb moment...
Insert today's Teacher Tip!
Clear nail polish for the win!!
It totally does the trick!
Have you ever tried this?
I made these fun prefix and suffix eggs last week for my littles and the clear polish has kept everything good as new {so far}.
It does smear the permanent marker just a tad.
I don't mind though. It's a million times better than the marker doing that whole disappearing act!
I don't know about ya'll, but this girl does not have the time or energy to be rewriting all my egg centers every two or three days.
Give it a shot and see if you like it!
It's been a HUGE time saver for me :)

Do you have a teacher tip you want share?
Join me and link up every Tuesday!
New or old tips are welcome...You're an equal opportunity tipster ;)

I made this little ditty last year for my firsties to help develop oral presentations about their Spring Break. I wanted to share it with you again this year in case you can use it! I just started my glorious Spring Break but I know many of you are back at it today! Bless your hearts.
While I begin to start considering maybe changing out my pajamas today, I pray that you survive your first day back in reality sweet friends! Click the picture to hop over to my TpT store and grab your freebie! While you're there, check out my Spring and Earth Day goodies too!
I recently blogged about how much my little ones are OBSESSED with learning "real" if what I taught was fake?? HA!
They crack me right up!

When I stopped into Dollar Tree for inspiration, I found those cute plastic eggs that I'm sure you've seen used a million times for word building in primary grades...and I started thinking. How can I use these a different way? I came up with a few fun ideas ...but here's the one I'm sharing today!
I call them "multiplication eggs"...real creative, I know. Don't judge. HA!
I did have to use scissors to cut that handy dandy little piece of plastic that connects the eggs.
I mixed them all up and put them in a little basket as a fun math tub to help practice "real" multiplication facts 0-2.
They're a HUGE hit! 
Stay tuned for more ways to use these babies! 
A teacher friend sent me a link to this video and I HAD to share with ya''s just that fun! :)

Happy Thursday friends!!
We're in full St. Patty's mode these days! 
The students have been working hard on making inferences while they read.
I thought it would be fun for them to transfer the skill by creating their own silly riddles.
Some were very serious and others were very silly.
They turned out fantastic!
 I love seeing how their little minds work.
I am shiny and bright yellow and I live with a little man. What am I?
I have different colors. You can not see me all the time. I am in the sky. What am I?

People say I am lucky. I'm at the end of the rainbow. Who am I?
Here's your freebie if it's something you can use in your class too!
Nothing fancy, but it does the trick. Click to download.
*Steps for the hand print leprechauns:
1. Paint one hand green, minus the middle finger.
2. Hold the student's first 3 fingers together, allowing the thumb and pinkie to extend out.
3. For the face, paint the palm peach and the fingers/heel of the hand orange.
Do not paint the thumb.
4. Add google eyes, a hat and a little glitter for sparkle.
You can see how I tweaked this lesson last year with my firsties by clicking {HERE}.
There's freebies on that post as well. :)

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