I've been so busy lately that I can't even begin to explain or recap in one blog post.
We've been doing so many fun things in the classroom, I promise.
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All the cool kids are doing it ;)
For tonight, it's a quick and shameless plug for my latest creation.
My thought is, if I make them, maybe summer will come a little faster? 
Ha! Is that just wishful thinking? Yes.
My latest creation are these cuties.
Chevron and bright colors just make me happy.
These babies are editable.
Isn't that exciting?!? 
It's a power point file, so you can add the student's names directly on the slide before printing.

For an oldie, but a goodie...
I also have these rustic beauties:
These guys were a big seller last year!
They're still up in my store if you like them.
Just print and write in the student's name.
{these ones aren't editable- sorry}
Hope you love my chevron newbies! Let me know what you think :)
If you can guess how many days I have left of school, I'll give the first 2 correct guesser a free copy of either award packet {your choice}!
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We're gearing up for all things Earth Day around these here parts!
Here's a little Instagram snippet of what my kiddos have been working on.
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My team is building a garden this week with all 120 second graders.
It sounds like a fun idea in theory but ask me again on Friday! HA!
We also have fuzzy caterpillars on their way!
Once our little butterflies hatch, they'll have a cozy and colorful little place to call home right outside our door!
We'll see how it goes.
Keep your fingers crossed.
Last year I had firsties in tears when we released our babies!
Bless their little hearts.
Here's hoping they've matured since then...or that I have enough tissues. ;)
We'll be using my Ready, Set, Grow packet to journal our garden's growth over the next couple weeks.
If you're in need of a plant observation packet, come check it out!
 I just gave my Earth Day packet a total overhaul and a fresh face!
If you already own it, you'll want to re-download stat.
Happy Tuesday!
So I walked in to Dollar Tree during spring break in search of a little math inspiration.
What teacher doesn't do that during their time off?!? I know I'm not the only one.
I came across these little guys and it was total love at first sight!
Not only are they adorable but I instantly saw a fun math center in the making!
I introduce to you.... "Who's Greater Alligator?"
{doesn't the rhyming make you smile?} :)
I wrote out three and four digit numbers on green index cards. Students randomly choose two cards to lay out in front of them. The alligator chomps the greatest number and students can then create a comparative sentence on their recording sheet.
I tell you what, it has been the life of the party during math centers this week! It was so simple for me to put together and it's been great practice for my littles. You could easily adjust to lower grade levels by using one or two digit numbers. Upper grades could use them to compare fractions!
The possibilities are endless my friends!
I threw together a quick little freebie to keep my kiddos accountable during this independent math center.
It's yours to download, if you like it! Just click {HERE}!
If you snag it, please leave me a little note and let me know what you think!
Happy T.G.I {almost}F!
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