Art Room Tour & Pinterest finds!

We survived!!!
It's the weekend ya'll.
*high five* to that, right??
My room is just shy of being finished...until I get on Pinterest.
I seriously gotta stop that.
I kinda prefer my to-do list to be on the decline.
Just sayin'.
So here's the fun that's been my life the last two weeks:
I'm not the biggest fan of my circa 1970's pad- but I did the best I could.
Truthfully, I'm just happy to be done.
It's a far cry from where I was a week ago!
And the best part is my view of our new school construction!

When the faux wood paneling gets to be too much- I just look out the window and dream about our new building.
My dream art room inches closer

Okay-Quick tour of my digs!
But first, let me just say- I really struggled with all the brown.
I considered painting- but it quickly bailed once I opened my closet and everything fell out.
Priorities people.

Okay- here we go...
View from my front door.
My color theory board. LOVE it!
I grabbed free paint strips at Wally World to demonstrate tinting.
So perfect and EASY!

So to the left of my color board is the back corner of the room- aka- my office!!
Mega excited to have my own space!
My favorite area is located just through that door...
That's my best choir voice- people.
Something about organization and defined spaces just makes my heart happy.

So, the left of my office is the bathroom and my walk-in storage closet.
This baby was a BEAST and took up the bulk of my time last week- cleaning, organizing and throwing away items that were labeled from 1979!
Have ya'll ever heard paint thump??
For real- hard as a rock.
No joke.
Now everything is sorted...they just need labels- like, yesterday.
I keep opening to find packing tape or a hole punch.
Labels are on the top priority list come Monday!

Get it? "sm-ART choices"??
I crack myself up!
Here's my behavior tracking for each grade level.
I'm missing a few clippies but that's Dollar Tree's fault.
They were sold out.
So here's the plan- since this is the first time I'm keeping up with 40 something classes, I knew I needed SIMPLE.
Each grade level has a pallet. Each teacher has a clip.
The word "ART" is on the board- keep all 3 letters= move a clip.
Loose a letter, don't move a clip.
The clips will start with yellow and move all the way around the pallet.
Once a class makes the full circle, we'll play an art game or paint outside!
Quick and easy- that's how I roll people.

So, last stop is the front of the room...
Here's my objective board.
Yes- that's a brown chalkboard.
I was DREADING chalk until I found these bad boys @ Michaels!
The red doesn't show real well on the brown board- I gotta change that.
But-they're wet erase so the kids grimy little fingers can't destroy my hard work ;)

Here's a better shot of my ABCs/Vocabulary.
I knew I wanted alphabet support for my Kinders and higher vocab for the middle & upper grades so this is what I threw together. I like it- plus it doesn't take up too much space like a word wall would have.
This is my way of bringing in academic vocabulary for common core too- double win! :)
I'm just realizing that the words aren't centered- HA!
I made these lil guys based on a Pinterest find.
 If you would like a copy of my art ABC's above or my career posters you can snag them for free from my TpT store!
I found some wall space to put our art elements up.
These free babies are on Pinterest too and I couldn't print fast enough!
Anything to save me a minute or two or ten, right?

That's just about it, I suppose.
I still need to hang my scrap paper bunting to add a lil color to the ceiling.
And then I think I'm done decorating.

Oh wait- I'm mega excited to show you this!!!!
I can't believe I almost forgot!
Yep-It's a car magnet stuck to my front door!!
I'm obsessed.
It can handle the weather and shouldn't fade!
I designed it and uploaded to VistaPrint.
Paid ten bucks and it was at my school 5 days later!
Seriously love that company!!

Okay- so that's it!
I'm so used to having a million little sections of my room that function for every aspect of my day. It's an odd feeling planning a room for just one subject area.
I'm loving the lack of stress!
Can't wait to get my little artists next week...

Here's a sneak peek at our first project!
I'll be doing it with all grade levels to make a school-wide mural display.
nice first week project
I'm gonna switch it up a bit- each grade level will have a color scheme so that when it goes up in the hallway, it will flow more like a rainbow.
  I'll be back later to share some new tips that I've discovered this week!
Until then- enjoy your Saturday peeps!


  1. Looks AMAZING! I remember what that room used to look like...what a difference! So happy the kids will have art again; they definitely need a creative outlet. I couldn't think of a better person to inspire them! Have a great school year!

  2. Girl, your room looks great! Congrats on the switch!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. What an amazing post! You have done a wonderful job setting up your new classroom- so bright, welcoming, cheery and organized. All the best with your new setting, curriculum and students. They are blessed to have an amazing art teacher! Thanks for all the details.

  4. I'm an elementary art teacher too and just found your blog! Your room looks great, so organized! Wondering where you got/made those ABC vocab cards. What an awesome way to support literacy :)

  5. Thanks :) I created them myself using PowerPoint. I'd be happy to share- just leave me your email!


  6. I love what you did with a blank slate (plywood:). I am immersing my young kiddos in art and would love your abc alphabet as well. I too started early with "circles" and they loved it.
    i'm wondering if you've also seen any visual displays for kids of "famous" art...monet's watter lillies, Van Gogh starry night, etc. My emails Thanks again and awesome job.

  7. Also where did you get the paint pallets?

    1. I bought them on TpT as part of a clip art set from Krista over at Creative Clips :)

  8. Can you please email me the powerpoint for your ABC letters? I am an elementary art teach also!! My email is

  9. Can you please email me the powerpoint for your ABC letters and art careers? I am an elementary art teach also!! My email is They are fantastic!

  10. Can you please email me the powerpoint for your ABC letters and art careers? I am an elementary art teach also!! My email is They are fantastic!

  11. I LOVE your room! I am a 3rd year elementary art teacher and am constantly looking for new ideas! If you could share your ABC power point and Careers templates that would be AWESOME :) Also, I just started a blog but I have no idea what I am doing so if you have any tips I would be delighted to listen! Thank you!

  12. Oh, my email is! Thanks again!

  13. Could you share the love on the ABC's and careers? These would be a great addition for my bright purple walls! My email is
    Thank you for your inspiration!

  14. Love your blog! Could you please email me your ABCs and Careers template! What a great idea!! Thanks!

  15. This will be my second year as a K-5 Art teacher. I love you room. Could you please share your ABC's and Careers. Thanks for sharing!

  16. This will be my second year as a K-5 Art teacher. I love you room. Could you please share your ABC's and Careers. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Can you please email me the ABCs powerpoint? I'm in love with them! Thanks!

  18. Love this!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Can you pretty please send me the ABCs?!
    Thank you!

  19. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog on pinterest! I'm also an elementary art teacher! I'm a little jealous of your closet and office! Would you mind sharing your Art ABC's? My email is

  20. I love your alphabet vocabulary. Did you find that on Pinterest of design it yourself. Love it.

  21. for ABC's please????

  22. Love the ABC'S and Careers! Please send!!

  23. You did an awesome job with your classroom! The details rock! Would you send me the ABC's power point? I am going to look for the paint pallets also :) (Laura)

  24. Hi! I found your blog off of Pinterest. I am teaching K-5 art for the first year this school year and you have so many great ideas! I love your ABC's and Careers cards and would greatly appreciate you emailing them to me.

  25. Hello! I came across your pin and I must say you did a fantastic job! Mind if I ask where you got the poster crayons? Thank you!

  26. Love the ABC's and your classroom. Are you still sending them out? Please send to Thank you for sharing!

  27. I love the palette reward system idea. It is nice and simple!!

  28. Excellent room layout and design. I teach art to grades K-12 on the same campus. The art term alphabet is great.

  29. Hi
    Your art room looks great. I would love your abc's and career posters if you are happy to share.
    Thanks so much

  30. Hi
    Your art room looks great. I would love your abc's and career posters if you are happy to share.
    Thanks so much

  31. I love your ideas. Thank you for sharing them. As a K through eighth grade art teacher I can def use the ABC posters and career posters! Please email to:

  32. I'm interested in the careers posters. They look more up to date than the Crystal version. Thanks!

  33. I love your career posters and ABC as well! I can't find an ABC I like, like yours. Do you sell them on TPT? My email is

  34. I love your room. I would also like to know how to get the art career cards. Please let me know what I need to do! Thanks, Hayley

  35. I love your room. I would also like to know how to get the art career cards. Please let me know what I need to do! Thanks, Hayley

  36. I would also like the art career cards and ABC's. Thank you! Great blog.

  37. HI! I am an elementary art teacher and found your blog on Pinterest! You have done an amazing job! May I ask for the art career cards and ABC's ? They are awesome! Thank you!

  38. Hi, I teach Art also. Love the career cards if you'd like to share, thanks!

  39. Hi,
    I love your set up and your alphabet, if you are still sending your ABC's out I would really appreciate it, thank you!

  40. I also stumbled upon your blog via pinterest and was also wondering if you'd share the careers in art? I my email is I've been teaching Elementary art for 12 years and never thought of posting the careers on the wall like that such a great idea! Well done!

  41. Hallo Kimberley,
    And then it's 2018 and i found you on Pinterest. Love it. I also found your downloads. My students are between 12 and 14. I live in The Netherlands in Europe near Rotterdam. I am going to translate your ABC in Dutch. Your probebly in the new building now. Im going to look you up on Instagram.
    Thanks for the downloads!!
    Greetings Floor

  42. hi. im kindergarten teacher i just saw your colors may i ask where did you downloaded it? thank you

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  45. Hello! I'm in love with your color board! Where did you find the crayon posters?

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