Organization Galore!

So it seems that everybody and their mama want to know how I keep materials organized for 6 grade levels with 700 students on a 6-double day rotation.
Ask and you shall receive, my friends.
My secret is simple.
EVERYTHING has a home in my room...ya know, like a cozy place to sleep for the night.
I can't leave for the day unless my desk is completely clean and the tape dispenser is perfectly perpendicular to my stapler.
Not even kidding.
I'm kind of a nut like that.
I've spent a ton of class time this week talking and talking and talking some more.
About important stuff, of course.
Kids really do need to know that there can only be 4 pencils in their supply baskets at all times or I might cry- or scream- or stare in amazement.
I just don't understand how a pencil disappears. Seriously.
I was always told that there's no room for perfection control freaks in the art world.
That made me sad.
But then I grew up and got a job and now I have my own classroom and I get to make the rules because I'm the adult and my mama always told me that when I grew up I could make the decisions. It's fun. 
Control freaks are always welcome in my art room...unless you take too long to finish your art project- then we have a problem. :)
But I digress.
Here's the rundown for organization in my room...
I grabbed these bright beauties from the almighty Dollar Tree.
6 colors for 6 grade levels. Smart, I know. ;)
This is where I keep my lesson plans, seating charts, project examples and district pacing guides for each grade level. When I work on lesson plans, I can easily grab the grade level I need and everything is in one place. EASY!
And in case you're wondering- yes, the 4th grade tab is driving me crazy.
Also on my prep table is this valuable little gadget!
I got this paper sorter my first year teaching and I've used the heck out of it!
When I was in the classroom, I used it to sort out dittos and assessments for every subject area for the week.
Now, I use it to sort out the paper materials that each grade level will need for my lessons.
I love that I have a place to put it all as I prep for the day.
Since I have less than a hott minute between classes, having everything ready to go is a life saver!
My class rotations are set up so that I see each class back to back for two days.
This is an art teacher's dream!
We can start a project on day 1 and finish the project on day 2 and I don't have to keep a ton of art work tucked all over the room for weeks on end.
I don't have the storage space to keep kids projects in my room for extended lengths of time.
This bookshelf is perfect for overnight storage of each class.
Since I only see one class from each grade- this system works out perfectly for me!
The kids turn in their work here on day 1 and it sleeps there until day 2.
I can't wait to show you how our school wide mural is coming along!
Teachers stop each afternoon to watch me add more of those hands to the wall.
It's been really cool to watch it slowly grow these past two weeks.
I took a picture to show you the halfway point...but then I decided that it may spoil the final product so you'll have to hold out another week.
You can do it!


  1. Girl, I'm the same way-- I can't leave for the day until everything is back where it belongs!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Awesome organizing!!! I love this. I'm an elementary music teacher and have the same battle as you with teaching multiple grade levels. I've been working hard at finding every single thing in the music room its own "home." It makes a HUGE difference and saves me so much time if I consistently put everything back in its home at the end of the day - instead of in a "put away" basket, which typically ends up staying in that basket...for weeks and weeks until it overflows and then - lol - I would just get another empty basket. No, no, no!!! LOL!!! You made me laugh as I read this post. Great blog! Thanks for the awesome tips! If you want to see the cool new extremely organized shelves I just added into my music room, when you have a chance, check out my blog at


  3. Teri- I knew we were blog friends for a reason ;)

    Tina- your shelves are awesome! Thanks for the love! Sounds like you're a teacher after my own {OCD} heart! :)


  4. Question? Are teachers naturaly OC? Or does being a teacher make one OC?

  5. I can't "leave you some love", you already have it all.


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