Paper & Paint Problem Solved!

Couple of tricks of the trade for ya today!
 I've learned a lot the past couple weeks as I gear up to teach art to little people for the first time.
Well- maybe I'm not a total high school I worked as an art teacher's assistant in private art classes- but it wasn't with 27 Kinders...not even was more like 8
I'd call that experience- wouldn't you??
You're supposed to say yes.
Let me get to the point of this post....
I've had to figure out solutions to a few trouble spots in my new position.
I'm sure as classroom teachers, you could use these tips as well! :)
Okay- first up: Paper Problems.
We all have them.
How do you keep all your paper organized and easily accessible at any given moment?
Here's a few ideas that may help!
IDEA #1:
Put your construction paper in a file cabinet!
It saves precious cabinet/shelf space and helps you stay organized.
All Things Katie Marie
 IDEA #2:
Leave your color printer paper in the factory wrapping- just cut off one end of the package to you can see the color inside and easily access whatever you need without spilling piles of paper all over.
Love being able to see what I have at a glance! 
My next dilemma is a all about paint!
Do you ever over squeeze your paint bottles and end up throwing out the excess- or worse- trying to funnel it back into the bottle- only to get it everywhere other than that one inch hole?
I have the GREATEST solution since sliced bread ya'll.
Put your paint cups into a shallow storage bin with a lid and it stays good as new until you pull them out again!
 I love these bins and I can stack them easily in my closet without taking up too much space! I won't have to waste time pouring paint for each class and there's no more paint in my sink!
I just refill as needed!
I'm loving this discovery!!
 Now, if I could just figure out a space saving way to hang 30 aprons that's still easily accessible and organized.
Happy Monday friends!


  1. Welcome aboard. I trust your year will be filled with fun and adventure. 8 kinders - 27 kinders...absolutely no difference really. Lol I'm going to follow you. You will have stories to tell for sure.
    All the best
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. How about using C shower hooks on a clothes hanger (or two to accommodate that many aprons...) That's how I have my scarves organized and they are super easy to get to. The C shower ring allows for the fully sewn ones to come off easily.... It's an idea! :)


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