First Project Reveal!

Even though the rest of the school is well into the third week of school, I'm still on the first two days. It's a technicality due to our special area schedule. 
I get to start over soon and that means familiar faces, a new project and no more dramatic discussions about how many pencils belong at each table. 
Wrapping up my first rotation means I get to share with ya'll our first finished project...I call it: Our School-wide Handprint Mural! 
Creative. I know.
For the very first time in my teaching career, I do not have a curriculum to follow or a manual to abide by.
I get to use the district's art standards and create my own lesson and projects.
Talk about extreme freedom and fear rolled into one giant ball!
What if I mess up?
What if my lessons stink?
What if the kids hate it?
The publishing company?
Oh--wait. That's me.
When I really sat and thought about how I wanted to plan out my year- I knew I wanted to work through the elements of art in an order than made most sense to me. The elements of art are not a required standard for our district, but every artist will tell you that it's the foundation- so that's where I started.
Line, to me, is the easiest element to start the year off with.
Basic enough for all grade levels.
I was told by veteran art teachers to always start the year off with markers, crayons and paper.
Keep it simple.
I listened.
They know more than me.
It's true.
As I thought about our first project I had a list I wanted to check off...
1. I wanted it to be personal for the kids.
2. I wanted it to involve team work.
3. I wanted it to introduce the element of line.
4. I wanted it to be quick and easy for our first experience together.
I stumbled across my inspiration on Pinterest and knew instantly that with a few tweaks, this was my going to be our first art project for the year!
I'm so happy with how it turned out!!!
I don't think the picture really does it justice, to be honest.
From here, it almost appears that every hand is a solid color.
Don't be fooled.
You should see all the line details the kids added!
I've got some fantastic artists on my "hands" ya'll!
Each one is so unique!
I really love them.
The best part is that every student is represented.
Because, together--we really do achieve more!
Each grade level was responsible for a color.
Kinder is red, First is yellow and it continues on in suit.
Each afternoon, I added more hands to the wall.
It's been "live" art for 3 weeks.
Every day I added a little more.
I'm impressed it's lasted this long without a scratch!
Our hallway bulletin boards live in a cruel world ya'll.
I guess that goes to show that student's take pride in what they create!
Makes my heart happy.
So there ya first project as an art teacher.
Whadda ya think?
Do ya love it as much as I do?!?


  1. I LOVE it && I LOVE seeing it everyday!!! You're amazing and were so lucky to have you be our Art Teacher.

  2. That is awesome! I want one at my school!

    Simply 2nd Resources

  3. Looks great!! I love the rainbow colors!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. I just love the hand print mural. The colors are beautiful and the representation of each grade level. I'm eager to try this activity, I think it will be quite enjoyable for the children and me! This is really neat.

    This was my own version! The students loved it, and I ended up bringing it back for the start of the year—that little while at the beginning of the year when there isn't anything to hang up yet.

  6. Absolutely brilliant. Love the art, love the process, love the message!
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  7. Looks awesome! I am not an art teacher, but . Would love to share this with my fellow teachers in our building, as we do all our own art what type of instructions or guidelines did you offer to the kids regarding designing/coloring their hands? Thanks for sharing!

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