Gabbing About Glue!

As teachers, adhesive is our friend.
It's true.
At times, it holds our classrooms together...literally.
But what's the best glue for your needs?
That's a great question.
And I just *might* have your answer!
Now, I'm not a "glue-ologist" by any stretch of the imagination...I'm just a crafty art teacher that has had my fair share of classroom glue experiences over the years.
Disclaimer: the photo's below are simply used as a reference for the material.
I am not endorsing or reviewing any of these brands.
It's only for your visual benefit.
So here's my opinion on the following...
1. Good 'ol liquid school glue
Best for gluing heavy items to paper {beads, buttons, pasta etc.}.
Great for paper and art crafts.
Cons: Messy when used by inexperienced gluers.
Also, the lids can get clogged easily.
Here's a tip to keep tops from getting clogged:
Unscrew the lids and dip them in cooking oil.
Easy as that!
Make sure to wipe off the outsides before use.
You're welcome. :)
2. Glue Sticks
Great for adhering lightweight paper projects.
The fading color versions are helpful for younger users!
It's super easy cleanup in the classroom- very little mess!
Cons: It dries out quickly if the lid isn't on tightly.
3. The almighty Mod Podge
This stuff works wonders for giving your projects a finished coat.
Comes in a ton of versions for your every need.
Goes on easily with a paint or sponge brush.
Think of it like a top coat of clear fingernail polish!
Just with...glue. It's a two in one! 
4. Super Glue
This stuff sticks like krazy. Pun fully intended.
Use caution...Parents don't like picking up their kids from school with a chair attached to the backside of their new school clothes.
Those thoughts should only live in your head...
no matter how much sugar they had in their cereal this morning. ;)
You are a professional. 
Just sayin'.
5. Spray Adhesive
Great for projects that you don't want glue to "bleed" through.
It's perfect for adhering photos or patterned paper to scrapbooks.
Caution: watch out for the over spray!
Anything that gets spray on it will remain sticky until it's dry.
That includes your fingers.
Wear gloves!
Depending on the brand- your average hand soap won't do the trick.
6. Hot glue
Perfect for attaching classroom décor to brick walls or fabric to a chalkboard!
It also works really well when adhering weighted objects to each other as well.
Higher priced glue guns have temperature options- which are so great!
Lower temp settings allow the glue to be easily removed from most items. Higher temps ensure a stronger bond and make removal very tricky.
Con: It's super HOT no matter what setting it's on!!
I'm pretty sure your finger prints are important pieces of information.
Be careful people.
7. Tacky Glue
This stuff works really well on fabric!
It's great for the every day craft project too!
I've found that it holds more weight than the average liquid school glue.
It's thick but dries clear.
It's the perfect glue to adhere pom-poms and pipe cleaners!

Any glue tips that I missed?
Leave a comment and share your tips!


  1. Great tips! I love liquid scrapbook glue sticks and the large glue sticks like you mentioned. There are also glue strips and glue dots. :)

  2. I think you got the glue issue "covered"...lololol! Love the mention about what you're thinkin when kids have eaten sugary cereal....sooooo true...thanks for another great post!

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