Kandinsky Circles

I love how excited the kids are to come to my class! 
Since our little school hasn't had an art program for a few years, most of my babies are dying to get their hands on some color!
They are so eager to learn how to be perfect little artists.
Bless their sweet hearts. 

I've really been working hard to teach them that in order to be an artist, they have to learn to take risks.
They are so worried about being wrong.
My goal this year is to change that fear.

Exhibit one.

I introduced this project with my third graders. 
I could have gone younger and they would have still looked just as great, but my third graders were struggling with being "perfect" during our hand print murals and I want to break this habit early in the year. 
The first day I introduced this lesson they were all begging for rulers and circle tracers. 

I demonstrated freehand and encouraged risk taking and pretty much said to suck it up kiddos and try your best. ;) 
Okay, so maybe not in those exact words...

I knew that if they just struggled through it, they would love the end result.

I gotta say- once they learned to let go they did so great!!
I adore how perfectly imperfect they are.
Sir Kandinsky himself would be proud. 
Don'tcha think?

It was a simple project that you could easily do with any grade level, really.
This project really allowed us to focus on vocabulary as well! 
"Quarters", "dividing" and "layering" were being thrown all over the place!
Love bringing vocabulary to life for the kids in such a tangible way!

We started by dividing our 12x12 white paper into quarters.
You could do sixths or eights, but I wanted the circles to be really large to avoid additional attention to detail on the kids' part. 
The larger the circles, the more freedom that ensues.
I allowed them to add as many or as few circle as they desired.
We used oil pastels to provide a rich smooth pigment.
Even though pastels can get a little pretty messy- I love how forgiving they are.
Students can color out of the lines and the next color will blend right over the mistake.
It took the kids a few minutes to adjust to the necessary pressure of the pastel since they're so used to wax crayons- but once they caught on, they really loved this medium!

I love that art lessons can teach lessons beyond art.

That's about it for tonight ya'll.
I'm working hard to get my visual plans posted soon- so stay tuned!

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  1. I love this print from Kandinsky and your kiddos did an awesome job on their version! I love how colorful they are!

    :) Sarah
    First Grade Buddies


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