Wait. What?

September is here??
That's a bit crazy.
But, I kinda love it to be honest.
September means Fall is right around the corner!
That means pumpkin patch visits, spiced scentsy smells and cozy scarfs are on the horizon.
I love it more than summer, people.
Unless you're near water during the summer, Florida is brutal.
Just sayin'.
I welcome Fall with open arms.
In true fashion, here's my CURRENTLY for September.

I'll explain.
Listening- yesterday was not very productive which was nice and relaxing, until it got dark and I realized that I didn't get much done for the day. Today I'm kicking it off right! I had laundry going before the hubby got out of bed. Score!
Loving- ETSY!
Personalized  Kissing Bird  with Coral Necklace, Branch Necklace - Birthday Gift Necklace, Girlfriend Gift, Mom Gift
Mine has a K for the mister. LOVE.
Thinking- maybe I should eat breakfast before I sit down to blog.
Wanting- a fancy machine that will vacuum my floors everyday.
Needing- a fancy machine that will vacuum my floors everyday.
*cough* Hubby, are you reading this post?!?
"Heart" yourself- My goals this month are:
Use my planning time wisely....
Blog more frequently... and hit up the Y for Pilates at least twice a week.
That's it for me...now on to you! :)
I've gotten a few email requests to share one of my favorite classroom creations.
Since sharing is caring- I'll oblige.
Click {HERE} to download.
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  1. Love your blog! I'm so glad I found it through Farley's link-up! That necklace is absolutely adorable :) ... I have an etsy addiction. I had to take a break because I was on the app ALL the time. Having a pay pal account and an etsy account was not a good thing!

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!
    My Shoe String Life
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  2. Here is to blogging more and having your hubby get you what you want and need :)
    My Second Sense


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