Art Room Tricks & Tips

It's been almost 3 months since I started this new journey into the art education world.
Boy have I learned a lot?!?
I wish I didn't learn a lot of it the hard way- but I guess that part of the process, right?
Today I want to share a things I've discovered that make teaching art a little easier- at least for me.
Maybe it will solve a problem or two in your room as well!
PROBLEM: I always squirt more liquid paint than the kids use. I'm wasting paint!
I've found that putting the paints into an air tight container will save your paints for weeks! It also saves you from washing trays all the time too. Double win.
 When the paint starts to get too low- I just squirt a little fresh color on top and off they go.
If the paint gets mixed- I embrace it.
Go ahead- Stir it up and admire the new color.
PROBLEM: Water cups are always spilling over and I don't want to spend money on those fancy "no-tip" cups.
Here's how I fixed this problem...
I use a chips and salsa tray from Dollar Tree- my go to shopping headquarters for all things genius.
It also holds my paint cups quite nicely.
Two birds- one stone.
You may not use the little ramekin cups in your room- I happened to get them all for free so this is how I make it work for me.
PROBLEM: My student's paintings are heavy and droop between the bars of the drying rack.
Here's my secret...I laminated tag board to create mats!
If you don't have tag board, I'm sure any heavy paper would work. I use these "mats" under the student's art work to create a more solid surface for drying while on my racks.
PROBLEM: Paper towels get soggy and drip when my kids are using them to clean their paint brushes.
I give each kid their own sponge- which I've cut in half to save funds.
When that drippy little brush comes out of the water cup, it goes straight onto our "magic sponge" where it gets a nice little swipe or two and there's no more messy wet paper towels!
I run them under water at the end of each day to wash out most of the paint and lay them out to dry over night so they're ready to rescue the next innocent paper towel.
Just a few helpful tips and tricks that I've learned the hard way!
Hope it helps you too!
Happy Friday Friends!


  1. I love this post! I always toss my paint or try to put it back in the bottle when we finish painting. I waste so much paint... I love the idea of the paint keeper. Thanks for sharing these fab tips

    Pocket Full of Kinders

  2. I was right there with ya Shuna! With budgets low- I had to find a paint saving solution or I wouldn't have made it past the first marking period- HA! Let me know how you like it!


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