Kinder Color Birds

Since school began in August, we've been focusing on colors, colors and more colors in my Kinder classes. I wanted to make sure to support classroom efforts by hitting color words and color recognition with all my tiny babies before Thanksgiving. 
100% mastery was my goal.
We've been using the heck out of Miss Kindergarten's color packet!
Talk about a time saver ya'll- and it's super cute to boot!
{Love her! }
 I was definitely seeing overall growth in my groups but I needed a formal way to check for individual mastery- just to be sure. I see over 100 kinder babies over the course of 12 days- things could get a little mixed up if I only kept track in my brain.
Enter- our rainbow birdies.
I absolutely adore how they turned out!
And it was the perfect assessment tool for my records too!
Here's how we did it:
I used 6 x12 scrap paper that had been trimmed off a 12x18 piece for the Kandinsky circle project earlier this year.
Day 1- We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle.
For pre-painting practice they worked in their table groups to sort colored strips of paper into the ROYGBIV order while I passed out supplies:
*Small circle tracers{we used pasta sauce lids}
*6 x 12 white drawing paper
*Black permanent markers
I used my document camera to do a directed drawing with the kiddos.
Tracing circular items can be a bit tricky for a first-timer, so pencil first was a must! 
Some kinders chose to add head feathers and wing details.
I gave them that freedom to decide.
That's how I roll.
They went back over their pencil drawings with waterproof marker.
And that, my friends, was the end of day 1.
Day 2- Since this was the first time my Kinder babies were painting- procedures were of the up most importance! I told them this was a "listening test" and they had to show me they were awesome listeners!  
I preached painting and clean up procedures until I was almost blue in the face before I released them.
We completed this step-by-step as a whole group.
I didn't want anyone to wonder off into the fun of color mixing. 
I simply told them a color and a placement {"first bird", "second bird" etc.}

It was interesting to see how many little people need more support with placement and ordinal words.
Since that wasn't my main objective- I just took note of it for now.
But, come to find out, nearly 97% of the kiddos have mastered color recognition and it's October!!
Woot! Woot!
This was a great improvement from the 63% at the beginning of the year!
I'm so proud of them!
I love data and the feedback it gives me... plus- when assessments are this fun {and cute!}- who can complain?

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  1. OH my goodness, I am in love with those little birds!!! What a cute idea! I'm glad your students enjoyed the color word practice too:)


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