Scarecrows, Cornucopias & Cough drops, Oh My!

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I've been battling a cold all week.
No fun for sure.
So instead of making sub plans- which are way too much work when your head is congested- I did what all good teachers do...I hit the internet in search of an easy back up plan.
My kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE directed drawings!
Do yours?
There seems to be great debate among art teachers over this concept.
But I gotta tell ya'll- it leaves my kiddos with a sense of success and accomplishment when they have a drawing of a scarecrow that looks like a scarecrow instead of a heap of hay.
And when you've got tissues in one hand a pounding headache- finding the perfect fall themed directed drawing tutorial on Youtube is priceless. is packed full of these fab videos and step by step tutorials!
You should check it out!
It saved this teacher's cracking voice for sure.
My 1st and 2nd graders drew the cutest scarecrows and cornucopias just in time for Thanksgiving!
My first graders used crayons instead of paint- I just didn't have the energy for mess with the babies.
They didn't seem to mind- crayons are fun too!
These drawings were quick, easy, and the kids really loved 'em.
I was just happy to survive the week ;)
Now I'm back to the couch with my tissues in hand- wishing that Starbucks could deliver.

Happy Saturday sweet friends!

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