Warm & Cool Landscapes

I've been waiting super patiently to do a project with black paint and this was my chance!

Black glue
Black Crayon or Marker
Paint (warm & cool colors)

After drawing out a basic sketch of a landscape to include a foreground, middle ground and background image with a black crayon or permanent marker, my 3rd, 4th and 5th graders were ready to paint.
Side note: I do not recommend using a pencil for the sketch- it only encourages erasers and perfectionists and nobody's got time for that!
To start, I only gave the kids red and yellow paint.
They mixed directly on their papers to create different hues of warm colors.
For the cool colors, I gave them blue, green and purple.
Since we were short on time, I needed to speed up the process.
You could just give your classes primary colors and let them mix everything.
My kids just get lost in the beauty of color mixing and would spend the whole class on the same part of their painting if I let them- so I narrowed the mixing fun it to just the warm colors this time.
Once they completed their paintings, they were set to dry until the next class.
Then came the part I was waiting for!
I've seen it all over Pinterest and couldn't wait to give it a shot.
Here's how I did it.
They simply traced over their original sketch with the black glue.
It really gave the painting a finished look.
Disclaimer: Large paintings (12x18) will come with a few complaints of cramping hands....
I told them they're building hand muscles just in time for state writing tests.
If you don't have state essays, you may want to use smaller paper. ;)
These make me smile!
The kids LOVED how the glue dried to a shiny rubber like texture.
So darn cool!

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