2013 Top Moments

You know me- I'm not one to pass up a good party ya'll.
So let's rewind, shall we?
Here's my top 13 memories of 2013...in no particular order.
Ringing in 2013 in Puerto Rico with my hubby and fam!
Our trip to Colorado & Wyoming- so gorge ya'll!
Buying our first home is a top memory, for sure!
The jury is still out on the renovation part of it all...ha.
Starting a new and crazy job adventure in the art room!
Completing my first 5K {ColorMeRad}
Celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary!
Seeing my little brother & step-sister win the marching band state championship- so proud!
Completing my 2nd 5K {Neon Run}
Having my maid of honor and 2012 Olympic Gold medalist present at my school's PD.
Saying goodbye to 2 pant sizes!
Going home for Thanksgiving!
There's not much that compares with my grandma's cookin'.
 Enjoying weekend adventures with my hubby!
Decorating {and re-decorating} our first home for Christmas!
What a year...I can't wait to see what's next.
Cheers to 2014!
May the new year bring you and yours health and blessings in abundance!

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