So, I'll be honest.
I was not the biggest fan of printmaking until a week ago.
It was just never a technique that I fell in love with in art school.

The joy of children's art is in the exploration so I figured I should step out of my comfort zone and give it a shot with my 3rd graders. 
If you're a novice to printmaking, don't be scared.
It's not so bad, actually.
This is an easy lesson to get your feet wet.

Here's what you'll need:
Sulphite Paper {9x11}
Liquid Tempura
Pencils or Q-tips
Laminated template

We used a simple heart template that I printed and had laminated.
If you don't have access to a laminator then there are easy alternatives you could use such as a plastic page protector, overhead transparency sheets or even plexiglass.
Just attach your template underneath with tape.
I prefer to use a laminated page because you don't run the risk of the template shifting during painting.

Ultimately, you just need a surface where the paint won't dry too quickly.
I've seen teachers let the kids paint directly on the table tops before.
It's whatever floats your boat, really.

I always take 5 minutes at the start of class to demonstrate the technique and explore different ways to problem solve common mistakes.
Then we got right to work.
I put out red, purple and white paints in plastic egg cartons so the kids could easily mix new colors into the empty pits.
They used the eraser end of a pencil to create the dots.
No water needed!
Double loading the paint was half the fun!
 Once their perimeter was complete, the kids were free to fill in the heart.
I encouraged them to fill in as much of the interior as they could.

Once they were ready, they used the sulphite paper to create their final print.
They lined up the paper over their pointillism heart template gently pressed the clean page onto the plastic.
I encouraged them to rub softly and evenly over their entire paper to help the paint transfer. 
Be sure to caution your kiddos not to squish their design too hard.

Then came the exciting part- separating the two pages!
The prints were so beautiful ya'll!
As each kid began separating their prints, other kids began to gather around to see how unique each one turned out.

We let them dry overnight before outlining all of the paint edges with permanent black markers.
This was the most time consuming and tedious part of the project- but it really gave a fabulous finished look to their prints. We used the full second class to outline.
Even though there were a few hand cramps, not one kid gave up.
They were simply too excited to see their final product!

Some kids decided to cut theirs out and paste it to black paper, others preferred the white.
I'm in love with both.
Pun intended.

Sometimes ya just need quick and easy.
This beautiful project is simply that.
Easy prep, beautiful finished products, and happy little artists.
You'll need:
Watercolor paper
Oil pastel {black}
Puck Tempura {or watercolor}
If you opt to use liquid tempura- you'll want to use a sulphite paper instead.
I prefer the puck trays because of the no prep and easy clean up.
I began the lesson exploring the works of Georgia O'Keeffe.
The kids were all like "oohh and ahhh" for each up close encounter of her beautiful flower pieces.
She was quite the talent.
Then I gave the kids a few tips and set them free to discover their inner artist.
My favorite part is looking at the growth and style differences from one grade level to the next!
I love all of them- I'm not even kidding ya'll!!
I could look at these for hours and smile.
From the painted mess of my Kinder babies to the sophistication of my 2nd graders!
I can honestly say that I adore this lesson and ALL of the final products!
And the best part, it was quick and easy- 3 and 30.
Just the way I like it after a long winter break.
So it's a new year and that means new adventures.
I can't say that I really have a true resolution this year.
I'm not the best at stickin' to 'em anyway really.
To be honest, I just want to be happy.
Happy teachers make happy wives and you know what they say about a happy wife...
So to start off the year on a happy note- I took the plunge into clip art.
I love to doodle around and I've been toying with the idea of turning my doodles into clipart for about a year now.
It just isn't as easy as I thought ya'll!
Last year the hubs bought me this awesome little graphics tablet.
All professional and all.
At first I was all like "Ooo and ahhh"
But I just couldn't get used to the texture of a slippery screen and a stylus.
I simply need more control and that means goodbye
to the tablet and hello old school.
Pen and paper.
And now that fancy tablet collects dust.
So sad, really.
It's pretty.
But I digress.
My inspiration for this set came from the one and only, Miss Nelson.
Her Instagram pics have flooded my feed with gorgeous pictures of her latest juicing adventures!
I just love how our 'lil community of teacher bloggers can inspire each other!
I can't say this set is perfect- I am a perfectionist as ya'll know!
But here it is. My first fully finished clip art set!
It's yours free- because free makes me happy.
My only request is that you leave feedback on TpT.
Easy enough, right?
Click the picture to grab your set!
On to my next inspiration...

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