K-2 Wildflowers {3 & 30}

Sometimes ya just need quick and easy.
This beautiful project is simply that.
Easy prep, beautiful finished products, and happy little artists.
You'll need:
Watercolor paper
Oil pastel {black}
Puck Tempura {or watercolor}
If you opt to use liquid tempura- you'll want to use a sulphite paper instead.
I prefer the puck trays because of the no prep and easy clean up.
I began the lesson exploring the works of Georgia O'Keeffe.
The kids were all like "oohh and ahhh" for each up close encounter of her beautiful flower pieces.
She was quite the talent.
Then I gave the kids a few tips and set them free to discover their inner artist.
My favorite part is looking at the growth and style differences from one grade level to the next!
I love all of them- I'm not even kidding ya'll!!
I could look at these for hours and smile.
From the painted mess of my Kinder babies to the sophistication of my 2nd graders!
I can honestly say that I adore this lesson and ALL of the final products!
And the best part, it was quick and easy- 3 and 30.
Just the way I like it after a long winter break.

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