The Call {Our Infertility Story Part 1}

It's been a while since I've crossed over from a gen ed classroom teacher into the art room.
Yet, I still get the same question from my readers and followers.
Ya know the whole...

What made you want to do THAT?! 
Why don't you blog as much anymore?!?

I've wrestled for many many months over this post.
And I keep coming back to the same resolve.
My silence is too loud.
I have to speak out.
There's millions of women that will relate to what I'm about to share and for most of them, noise would make them feel better. Because often times, in silence, there's shame.
 I know because I was once in silence.

 So grab a cup of coffee and kick your feet up.
This is my journey.

NIAW - National Infertility Awareness Week

It was New Year's Eve 2013 and as the clock struck mid-night and fireworks were overhead, hubs explained that 2013 was the year we should try to start a family. This was music to my ears as I had already begun to feel the itch and just about everyone I knew around me was either super pregs or just added a new addition. 

What I didn't know at that moment was the life changing journey God had in store for us over the next two years and how it would change everything I knew about myself. 

I immediately began calling doctor's offices and asking for consults. You see... I knew we were up against a small battle from the start. The first hurdle was a medication that hubs has to take for an autoimmune disease. His doctor had told us that when/if we decided to start trying for a baby, hubs would have to stop the medication at least 3 months prior in order for it to clear his system. This is a pretty serious drug that is typically given to cancer patients and there aren't many studies to show the risks of this medication on fertility. Going off the medication meant hubs would experience symptoms for months and there wasn't enough data to make me want to start with that.

We wanted a second opinion just to be sure. 

After two weeks of phone calls and numerous specialists declining even a consult, I finally scheduled an appointment with the man that would soon change our lives. 

It was mid February 2013 when we sat down in over stuffed leather seats in a little office across the desk from the smartest white haired man I have ever come to meet. He took a lot of notes that day as I talked and answered his flurry of questions. And by the end of the consult, it was clear that he had more in store for us than just a consult. Our situation had deeply intrigued this man and he was determined to find a solution.

We walked out of that office with a plan. Per routine, I was required to run a full blood work up- no big deal, or so I thought. We weren't there for me anyway, it was just office policy and they needed to have it on file. 
Hubs had to have testing done and the doctor was going to consult with an Oncologist and get back to us.
Until then a baby would be on hold.

The phone rang 3 days later and what I heard on the other end of the line was a conversation that altered the next year and half of my life. As the nurse began to explain that all of hubs tests were perfectly normal and that the medication was indeed safe, the bad news followed...the majority of MY tests required more tests. 

She explained that I have a metabolism disorder called PCOS. I was "insulin resistant" and because my body wasn't processing insulin properly my follicles weren't developing into eggs that were mature enough to be fertilized. I had eggs backed up inside equivalent to an 18 year old. So step one was Metformin- a routine medication that I began taking daily to help process the insulin and allow my eggs to mature. 

To say I was devastated would be an understatement but I was hopeful the medication would be a quick fix... but fast forward four months and still no baby, I was starting to get frustrated.
 Funny, looking back, I wish I hadn't wasted my tears so early on in the journey.
There would still be plenty of time to feel sorry for myself. 

As this was only the beginning of the fight.

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